The Winningest AQHYA World Champions

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Nancy Wells and Prestigious Maiden [photo credit: AQHA]

Nancy Wells and Prestigious Maiden [photo credit: AQHA]

Your fingers clutch the golden bars that encase the iconic, glowing horse. Can you feel the heft of the metal and wood in your hand? Your heart is bursting, coursing with the emotions of triumph and accomplishment, and above all, an untold partnership with your horse.

Imagine experiencing that kind of elation not just once in one lifetime, but twice, thrice … even as many as 12 times. (Nancy Wells leads the list with 12 world championships earned during her youth career, followed by Ryan Lynn Schroeder and Bret Roger Turner, both with eight.)

While horses maybe don’t completely understand the joy that comes with an AQHA world championship, it’s still impressive nonetheless to see legends like Acadamosby Award, Classiest Jet Yet, Harley D Zip and Jazzy Little Lena, who have each earned six youth world championships apiece. (And you should note at all six of Harley D Zip’s youth world titles in just one event!)

Adadamosby Award and Chelsea Knox [photo credit: AQHA]

Adadamosby Award and Chelsea Knox [photo credit: AQHA]

World Championships by Exhibitor

  • Nancy Wells, Oklahoma – 12
  • Ryan Lynn Schroeder, Texas – 8
  • Bret Roger Turner, Texas – 8
  • Joetta Leeanne Meredith, Texas – 6
  • C.R. Bradley, Indiana – 6
  • Morgan Brehm, Nebraska – 6
  • Keith W. Carter, Florida – 6
  • Carrie E. Dean, Mississippi – 6
  • Nancy Dyer, Florida – 6
  • Mindi Lee, Mississippi – 6
  • Tyler G. Merrill, Oklahoma – 6
  • Ali K. Papendick, South Dakota – 6
  • Kaylee N. Hamm, Arizona – 5
  • Sarah Leppard, Pennsylvania – 5
  • Kimble Lewis, Nebraska – 5
  • Jonathan Rounds, Kansas – 5
  • Marty Wells, Oklahoma – 5

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