The Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know About SmartPaks

December 9th, 2016 10:39 AM | No Comments

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Screen Shot 2016-12-02 at 12.25.04 AMIn 1999, SmartPak introduced the patented SmartPak supplement feeding system. This revolutionary approach to supplement feeding was designed with the idea of making life in the barn easier for riders. While so many horse owners have already experienced the ease and convenience of the feeding system, there are some exciting things that you may not know about SmartPaks.

Since the beginning, SmartPaks have helped to support thousands of horses each year so they can be at their very best. SmartPaks are custom made, pre-measured daily dose Paks of your horse’s supplements. They are clearly labeled with your horse’s name for fast, accurate feeding every time. Tightly sealed to protect potency, SmartPaks ensure that your horse always has the freshest supplements available.

Having your horse on SmartPaks offers additional benefits, including automatic delivery every 28 days, so you never have to worry about running out, and all SmartPaks over $40 ship for free. While thousands upon thousands of customers across the country already love SmartPaks, there are 10 more reasons to love them that you might not have known:

1.     Everything ships free for SmartPaks subscribers: When you take great care of your horse with SmartPaks, we take care of you with free SmartPerks benefits, including free ground shipping on what you want, when you want it.

2.     SmartPaks are recyclable: SmartPaks are made of #1 PET plastic (just like water bottles), which means they can easily be recycled at most recycling centers.

3.     SmartPaks are made of recycled materials: SmartPaks are made of recycled plastic, so the material is already on its second life. On the other hand, many supplement buckets are made of virgin plastic.

4.     World-class riders don’t leave home without them: Riders like Pan American Games Gold Medalist Boyd Martin and World Equestrian Games Gold Medalist Tom McCutcheon support their horses with SmartPaks to help them stay at the top of their game.

5.     The most popular horse name is Bella: Since every SmartPak is custom packed and labeled with the horse’s name, SmartPak is on a first-name basis with every one of the thousands of horses using SmartPaks. That gives us a unique insight into America’s most popular horse names, and we love compiling a top ten list at the end of each year.

6.     SmartPak’s #1 supplement is SmartDigest Ultra: Over 700 horse owners have given SmartDigest Ultra a perfect five-star rating! This best-selling formula provides clinically studied ingredients to help your horse manage digestive stress, and it’s backed by up to $7,500 of colic surgery reimbursement from ColiCare.

7.     One SmartPaks strip can have up to seven wells: SmartPaks are completely customizable and one daily SmartPaks strip can contain anywhere from one to seven wells of supplements.

8.     SmartPaks subscribers get exclusive email offers: One of the perks of being a SmartPaks subscriber is exclusive deals! All SmartPaks subscribers get exclusive access to Flashhh sales and other special emails no one else sees.

9.     SmartPaks subscribers get a 10% VIP discount: The perks of being a SmartPaks subscriber don’t end at free shipping and exclusive email offers! SmartPaks subscribers are eligible for 10% off all SmartPak brand gear, from halters and headstalls to breeches and blankets!

10.  SmartPaks subscribers get a free Team SmartPak calendar every year: Every barn needs a calendar, so SmartPak makes sure SmartPaks subscribers have a fresh one every year that’s chock full of exclusive monthly deals!

If you want to take great care of your horse with SmartPaks, and learn more about all of the benefits they provide, visit today. You can also speak to one of SmartPak’s renowned Supplement Experts by calling 1-800-461-8898 for a customized supplement consultation for your horse.


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