The Oklahoma Tornado – A Survivor Story…

May 28th, 2013 9:11 AM | 1 Comment

Thanks to rescuers, this mare survived the tornado in Moore, Oklahoma.

American Quarter Horse "Jewel" was found injured but alive after the Moore, Oklahoma, tornado. Journal photo.

The American Quarter Horse Journal;

Editor’s Note: Through a series of emails, Dr. Wade McCoy, a doctor in Oklahoma City, tells us the story of his daughter, Anna’s, mare who survived the May 21 tornado near Oklahoma City. Here is JRS Hustlers Jewel’s story through her owner’s words:

Our Quarter Horse, “Jewel,” survived the EF-5 tornado in Moore, Oklahoma. Her best friend, “CD,” died. We only knew her as CD. Jewel and CD spent every day together in the same field before being put back into their stalls. CD was younger than Jewel. She was a brown mare and was a sweet, friendly horse. She had competed and won a cutting competition several months ago.

We live in Northwest Oklahoma City, but boarded Jewel at Lynn and Bonita Laske’s place near Southwest 149th and May Ave. Her registered name is JRS Hustlers Jewel. She was born March 27, 2002. She is a gray mare. Her great-grandfathers include Jewel’s Leo Bars, Doc O’Lena and Colonel Freckles, among others. She is well trained in cutting and loves to work cattle. My daughter is 12 years old and enjoys riding and has done some cutting training.

The Laskes’ place was completely destroyed; their house had part of the roof destroyed.

We had to take back roads to get into Moore. The police let us through two road blocks to rescue Jewel.

Lynn’s employee, Louis, had to dig our horse out from under the rubble. It was difficult for him to get her out. Then she was not being cooperative because she was in shock, but he finally was able to get a halter on her. Some neighbors came over and helped. When we got there, Jewel was the only horse outside of a trailer. All the others were taken to the vet or in a trailer to be taken to another farm. Jewel was standing in their yard being held by the lead rope when we got there. Their neighbor had stood there with her.

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  1. God bless everyone who came together to help save our four legged family members, and God bless this beautiful mare. I know that Jewell has been through a horrific ordeal, not to mention the loss of her pasture mate, CD, but I’m praying that she will make a full recovery and go on to live a full, healthy, and happy life. As for CD and the countless other beautiful animals that did not survive, may God bless them and keep them, as they are now with Him in Heaven

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