The NSBA Rider’s Cup will pay an estimated $85,000

March 7th, 2018 9:00 AM | No Comments

The fourth annual NSBA Riders Cup currently taking place at the Arizona Sun Circuit brings professionals and non-pros together, in pursuit of big payouts. As the second, and final day of the Riders Cup, the competition continues to be tough, and dollar signs keep getting bigger.

 The Riders Cup was designed to create money-earning opportunities for the pillar classes of NSBA including Western Pleasure and Hunter Under Saddle, in addition to Trail, Western Riding, Hunt Seat Equitation, Showmanship, and Western Horsemanship, the Rider’s Cup allows exhibitors from multiple divisions to participate.

The event has previously been held at other shows, including the Georgia Classic in Perry, Georgia. In fact, 2018 marks the first time, the Riders Cup has been in the west.

Exhibitors who participate in the Riders Cup must complete three simple steps in order to be eligible to compete.

 One, a trainer must donate a month’s training and participate in the NSBA Trainers Sale (or pay a $500 entry fee).  Two, the owner must nominate their horse in the name of a trainer for $100 nomination fee (who is listed in the Trainers Sale or paid the entry fee), and finally, both the owner and the trainer be current members of NSBA.

The 2018 event is estimated to pay the largest payout to date in the program. It is projected Over $85,000 will be awarded trainers and non-pros. In fact, 20% of the earnings are guaranteed to the sold trainer.


Classes Offered in the NSBA Riders Cup

$2,500 Limited Rider Open Western Pleasure

 3 Year Old Open Western Pleasure

3 & 4 Year Old Non-Pro Western Pleasure

Amateur Select Western Pleasure

$2,500 Limited Horse Open Western Pleasure

Non-Pro (Youth/Amateur) Western Pleasure Limited Non-Pro

 (Youth/Amateur) Western Pleasure

$2,500 Limited Horse Open Hunter Under Saddle

3 & 4 Year Old Non-Pro (Youth/Amateur) Hunter Under Saddle

Limited Open Hunter Under Saddle

Non-Pro (Youth/Amateur) Hunter Under Saddle

 Limited Non-Pro (Youth/Amateur) Hunter Under Saddle

Non-Pro (Youth/Amateur) Hunt Seat Equitation

Novice Non-Pro (Youth/Amateur) Hunt Seat Equitation

Non-Pro (Youth/Amateur) Western Horsemanship

 Amateur Select Western Horsemanship

Novice Non-Pro (Youth/Amateur) Western Horsemanship

Non-Pro (Youth/Amateur) Showmanship At Halter

Amateur Select Showmanship At Halter

Novice Non-Pro (Youth/Amateur) Showmanship At Halter

Junior Trail

Senior Trail

Green Trail

Non-Pro (Youth/Amateur) Trail

Amateur Select Trail

 Novice Non-Pro (Youth/Amateur) Trail

Junior Western Riding

Senior Western Riding

Non-Pro (Youth/Amateur) Western Riding

Amateur Select Western Riding

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