The National Reining Horse Association Makes Enhancements as the Association Prepares to Celebrate the History and Skyrocket into the Future

September 8th, 2015 4:31 PM | No Comments

Press Release

1482d6ec-792b-4af4-a3ed-a1f11d277543The 50th Running of the National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) Futurity takes place November 26 – December 5 and is the pinnacle event to kick off NRHA’s 50th Anniversary year in 2016. With this major event comes the introduction of a new image, brand and look for the future of this growing organization. The global voice for the sport of reining also announces a new Headquarters coming this fall.
The National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) has many things to celebrate – the talented horses, passionate members and for being the cornerstone for one of the most popular equestrian sports in the world. To add to the celebration, NRHA is excited to invite everyone to the 50th Running of the NRHA Futurity November 26 – December 5 and to participate in special presentations, witness throwbacks from the first Futurity, and see some of the best athletes on the planet gun for an estimated total cash purse and prizes of more than $2 million!
In addition to the excitement of the 50th Running of the Futurity, NRHA is excited to announce that the current membership has increased more than 2% from the same time last year. Even better, we’re using the excitement from this excellent news to begin coordinating plans to kick off NRHA’s 50th Anniversary year in 2016. “We are very excited to celebrate 50 years of the NRHA Futurity, and we are even more excited to look to our growing membership and celebrate the Association’s 50th Anniversary in 2016! Furthermore, these milestones culminate with the opening of our new International Headquarters in Oklahoma City this fall,” commented NRHA Commissioner, Gary Carpenter.

The new International Headquarters will reside on the south side of State Fair Park in Oklahoma City. A special ribbon cutting ceremony will take place during the 50th Running of the NRHA Futurity. Spectators and members are encouraged to drive by the new headquarters on Reno Avenue in Oklahoma City to see the progress of this majestic new facility.
“This new facility will be an beautiful addition to State Fair Park. We are excited to work with NRHA on the development of this building, and being the horse show capital of the world, we think this new facility puts an exclamation point on that statement. This will be a great place to come learn about the sport of reining as well as an excellent office complex for the staff to have an extremely pleasant workspace to help continue to grow this excellent organization,” added State Fair Park Vice President, Bill Allen.

In addition to these major announcements, NRHA unveiled a new 50th Anniversary logo to celebrate the future of this great organization. The logo was studied by a team of marketing professionals to redesign a mark that celebrates the history of the past 50 years, and provides NRHA with a look and feel to point towards the next 50. The design comes with a new color palette, a redesigned sliding horse and cleaner look. This new image, brand and look are yet another avenue to celebrate the future of this growing organization.

NRHA is pleased to invite everyone to keep a keen eye on for upcoming special announcements, opportunities to participate at NRHA’s major events and to help find ways to show the equine community just how special the sport of reining is to spectators and competitors alike. Make plans now to attend the 50th Running of the NRHA Futurity for edge of your seat exciting competition! More information is available at

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