The Latest on AQHA’s Cloning Lawsuit: Trial Date Set for July 16

July 9th, 2013 8:51 AM | No Comments

Abraham & Veneklasen Joint Venture
American Quarter Horse Association

UPDATE JULY 8, 2013: Parties attended the docket call this morning in federal court and announced they are ready for trial. The Court has set July 16 as the trial date. It is anticipated the trial will take two to three weeks.

Lawsuit Background


In April 2012, Jason Abraham and two of his related companies, Abraham & Veneklasen Joint Venture and Abraham Equine Inc., filed a lawsuit against the American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Texas in Amarillo, seeking to force AQHA to repeal Rule 227(a) (now Rule REG106.1) to allow cloned horses and their offspring to be eligible for registration with AQHA. These plaintiffs also seek money damages from AQHA.

Since the lawsuit was filed in April 2012, the parties have completed the discovery process, exchanging thousands of pages of documents. More than 20 depositions were taken, including those of the plaintiffs and their experts, as well as depositions of AQHA executive committee members, stud book and registration committee members, AQHA staff and AQHA experts.

To read the rest of this story and for more information on this suit, including cloning facts, AQHA’s position, and more, click here.

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