The Gotta Haves at the Congress

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Cydney and "Gretchen"

Did you know that if you stopped and looked at each item for sale at the All American Quarter Horse Congress for just one minute, it would take you 72 years to get through all the booths? No…wait…I think that’s the Smithsonian.  We have no idea whether or not that’s true – but, we DO know there is some GREAT shopping at  Congress!  With so much to see and compare, we thought it might be good to enlist the help of someone on the cutting edge, a fresh new face in horse show fashion…

Enter Cydney Benes…

“Hey!  My name is Cydney Benes. I am 13 years old and have been riding since I was 2 1/2 years old. I am in the eighth grade and go to Emerson Prep, which is an online school. I travel a lot with my mom, as she goes around the country to horse shows. I have two horses. One is my all around mare named Rockin Raisinette, aka Gretchen, and the other is my hunt seat horse Call Me Blazin Hot, aka Blaze.  I’ve always loved being fashionable but when my mom, Tammy Schuster, started her business (All That Show Clothing) I became more and more fashion forward, both in and out of the show arena. When I’m not riding or in the show pen, I also love to dance and  make scrapbooking cards, which are fun to make.  I love being creative!  I hope you enjoy this article, because I enjoyed writing it!”


What to look for, wear and notice during your Congress Shopping Experience…

Here is a necklace from Hannah's Jewelry it's a gorgeous, blinged-out snake necklace.

This shirt is from Good Ride!! It's a fabulous men's dry wicking athletic long sleeved shirt. This diamond material keeps a man warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Check out Good Ride in Congress Hall with great new looks in their upcoming winter selection.














This is another piece from Good Ride. It is the newest fashionable vest with "Good Ride" on the back of it. This leather vest is crocodile red and is so cute!!!! This can also be found in Congress Hall at the Good Ride booth!! I highly recommend looking into getting this gorgeous vest, because it fits amazingly and I even have one of my own and I love it!!

This is a gorgeous purse from All That Show Clothing. It is embellished with lambskin fringe and tons of jewels, and is great for a fashionable girl who wants be All That!!
















This one of a kind hat from Shorty's Cowboy Hattery is also a necessity to check out at the Congress! This hat is made of croc skin and will sure make you stand out in the show arena.

These are patent leather boots from LaGrange leather. These boots are adorable to show in or to wear out on the town. They are patent leather and have metallic stitching; a pair you ought to get while at the Congress.




These boots have been custom made to be auctioned off for the Shirley Bowman Foundation at the Masters Opening Ceremonies. These boots were custom made by LaGrange Leather and are surely an eye catcher at the Queen's booth located in Congress Hall.

This gorgeous hat is custom made by Shorty's Cowboy Hattery. This hat was also made for the Queens Contest and is to be auctioned off to benefit the Shirley Bowman Foundation during this years Masters Opening Ceremonies! It's one that will definitely catch your eye!














This gorgeous candle from Connie's Customs is one that must be seen! It has a large, jeweled cross with peacock feathers behind the cross. Connie's Customs is located in Congress Hall and this candle would add flare to anybody's living room! It is one of my personal faves.

Here are some dog costumes and jackets from Moochie and Company, located in the Annex. They carry dog costumes, sweaters, collars, treats, etc. If I had one of my little dogs here with me, I would definitely be over there getting them a jacket.















Be sure to stop by Custom Tails for your tail extension in the show ring. It's always a "must have" for the arena!

When coming to the Congress, it is usually cold out and so you get dry hands. Well, with Big Nancs Hand Cream, your dry hands will be gone forever. All you have to do is apply some cream to your hands everyday and they will be as smooth as ever. My hands get dry a lot and I used every cream possible and they all stung my hands but then I found this cream and it worked amazingly. You can buy this cream in The Wire Horse in the Annex.













These gorgeous saddle blankets are not to be missed at the Congress. They are custom made, one-of-a-kind saddle blankets. You can pick any color and choose your style. Check them out in Golden West Saddle Blankets in the 700 row of Congress Hall!


These wrap-around bracelets are also found at Golden West Saddle Blankets. These absolutely gorgeous bracelets have all different kinds of stones in them that make them stunning. I want to get one myself. Visit them in Congress Hall!











Here are some hysterical signs that I thought would be a great present for someone or just for yourself. They are found at Pink Spur Ladies Collection in Congress Hall.

These shambally bracelets are the newest additions at S.R. Gold. They are awesome because you can wear them as a watch and also as a fashionable buckle bracelet. Be sure to check out all the latest styles of gorgeous jewelry at S.R. Gold in Congress Hall.

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