The Audrey Grace Auction is now LIVE!

December 16th, 2013 7:47 AM | 5 Comments


We have opened the 3 Audrey Grace light blue folders on the Pleasure Horse Delphi Forum for bidding. They will be open until SUNDAY DECEMBER 22 AT 4:59 PM EASTERN TIME. A bid at 5 PM will be too late even if it is the highest bid. To read all about how the Audrey Grace Auction began, and what it benefits, click here!

There are 80 Items and 45 Stallion Breedings (this number could change if late Items are added). The Delphi Forum is set up to only show 50 posts at one time. This number includes ALL posts on the Forum ie: General, Horses For Sale etc. You MUST click on the light blue folder marked Audrey Grace Stallions, Audrey Grace Items and Audrey Grace Items 2 to pull up ALL the Items or Breedings in that folder. If anyone sees an Item or Breeding that has gone to the bottom of the Folder please feel free to bump it up (only one bump per day please) by posting a “Bump”.

TO BID: Read the opening description then following the Minimum Bid and Bid Increments (how much higher your bid has to be from the last bid)post your bid (it can ALWAYS be higher than Minimum Bid Increments but has to be AT LEAST that amount) Sign your name and send. PLEASE no personal conversations within the thread it makes it difficult for people to follow the highest bid they have to beat. Also please post your higher bid to the person that has the highest bid so far. This way they will get a notification they have been outbid.

At the close of the auction we will check for accuracy of Minimum Bids placed and notify you that you are the Winner of the Item or Breeding. You will have until January 15th to pay for your Item or Breeding. When an Item or Breeding is PAID for the thread will be removed so you and others will know that Item will not be re-sold for lack of payment.

We are not set up for Credit Cards so the method of payment is Checks PREFERED or Paypal. Please remember if you choose Paypal mark it as Gift or the Charity will be charged .03%. Sending checks make it payable to New Horizons and send to 11616 Wander Ln Dallas, TX 75230 If you do Paypal use the email and New Horizons Ranch & Center .

PLEASE mark your payment with the Item or Breeding you are paying for and a SHIPPING address where Item is to be sent as well as a Phone Number if we need to reach you. If your Item has Shipping the Buyer is to pay for (it will be noted on all opening posts of Items) you pay DONOR the Shipping NOT the Charity.

If you have any questions you can email, or  There are MANY veterans of the Auction that can help you. To bid you must be a member of Delphi but it is free to join. Please tell your friends on Facebook to come and bid!! The donors this year have been OUTSTANDING with the LEADING Stallions in the Industry and some of the Greatest Items we have been privileged to offer. KUDOS for their generosity. We would ask if you are not the winning bidder you buy that Item or Breeding from those generous people directly!!! Enjoy and bid, bid, bid!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

-The Backes Family and



5 Responses to “The Audrey Grace Auction is now LIVE!”

  1. Hello,
    I am still confused as to how to bid on items? It says to “post your bid” and send. Exactly WHERE do we post the bid? Is it to be done here? Like I am sending this message? Please help! There are several stallions and items I would like to bid on!

  2. Hi Nancy! You bid on the Pleasure Horse Forum. You must be a member, and then click on the proper Stallion or Item in the left hand column. On the original post, it says “reply” at the bottom- you click reply, and type your bid and your full name. Be sure to check the most recent post so that you know how much the bidding is going for. Happy bidding!

  3. Very confusing bidding format. What happened to the information sheet on some of the Stallions. How do you know what the starting bid is? It appears that someone has deleted this information on some of the Stallions. Why do certain persons bid the word “BUMP” on the BID reply message? Confusing as all get out. :(

  4. Hi Michael,
    We are looking into why some of the stallions were deleted. As explained in this post, BUMP is posted to bring the stallion listing up in the left hand column. Only one BUMP is allowed per day. The minimum bid is listed in the Stallion Information post, and the other bids are on that thread. Please feel free to email us if you have any specific questions!

  5. Very difficult bidding format, the Java chat won’t work with my Mac book due to required updates I am having difficulty with, it took me two days to try and figure out how to become a member since originally I was trying from my iphone. I wish this would have been more user friendly as I am quite computer savvy and I can’t imagine the people that miss out on this auction because of the difficult way its set up. =( Best of luck to all the bidders! Hopefully I can get this working before its over!

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