Texas Wildfires Devastate Alpine and Fort Davis Ranches

April 17th, 2011 9:07 PM | No Comments

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Updated information on the fires and losses is available at TSCRA and at Alpine Avalanche.

Working Ranch Cowboys Association
In recognition of the annual Big Bend of Texas Ranch Rodeo, the Working Ranch Cowboys Association wants to help its neighbors.

WRCA member Shaun Strickland is organizing volunteers to travel to the Big Bend area to help gather and sort cattle where fence lines and pastures have burned.

“Cowboys and cowgirls of the WRCA family,” Shaun writes, “As you may know, the Fort Davis area of Texas has gone through one of the hardest times known to a rancher. Fire has destroyed ranches, killed cattle and horses, and has scattered lost cattle for miles…. If you are interested in helping or donating to this cause, please don’t hesitate to contact me.”

Shaun’s phone number is (918) 277-9717, and his email address is shaunstrickland33@yahoo.com.

The Texas & Southwest Cattle Raisers Association suggests that those who wish to help donate to the State of Texas Agriculture Relief Fund, or STAR Fund.

The fund was created to collect donates to help farmers and ranchers recovering from an emergency.  The STAR Fund may be used to rebuild fences, restore operations, and to pay for other agricultural disaster relief.

Learn more and donate or call (512) 476-1615, or by writing to the Texas Department of Agriculture at P.O. Box 12847, Austin, TX 78711.

Other Ways to Donate
Jeff Davis County Relief Fund
c/o Fort Davis State Bank
P.O. Box 1809
Fort Davis, TX  79734, Acct.# 321028

Please be sure the account number is on the check. If you would like to have your donation go to the rebuilding of fences, please note your check for fencing; for those with fencing materials to donate, call Kristen Cavness at (432) 386-3402.  If you have hay or cattle and horse feed, call Logan Boswell at (432) 249-0265.

The Permian Basin Area Foundation also is accepting charitable donations from larger foundations. They can go to:
Jeff Davis County Relief Fund
c/o Permian Basin Area Foundation
200 N. Loraine, Suite #500
Midland, TX 79701

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