Suspension in Alleged Animal Welfare Case

September 20th, 2012 7:11 PM | 1 Comment

The AQHA and NSBA have both issued statements today regarding their ongoing animal welfare investigation.  Here are the statements as posted to their respective websites.  We will continue to provide official reports as they are published.

AQHA Announcement

The American Quarter Horse Association today temporarily suspended AQHA member Shirley Roth of Ocala, Florida.

The temporary suspension, which includes suspension of her membership privileges and denial of access or presence on AQHA-approved show grounds, was based on the Association’s receipt of reports regarding the alleged inhumane treatment of the 2-year-old stallion Kissin The Girls, a horse entrusted to Ms. Roth’s care and responsibility. Both AQHA and NSBA received the reports in question and have been jointly investigating them.

According to AQHA rule 106(e)(1), a person temporarily suspended by AQHA shall be denied AQHA privileges until the Executive Committee can hear the matter and take appropriate action.

As with any reported case of inhumane treatment, AQHA will proceed accordingly, cooperate with officials and act as swiftly as reasonably possible.


NSBA Announcement

The National Snaffle Bit Association suspends Shirley Roth effective September 19, 2012

The NSBA Animal Welfare Monitor reported that a horse, Kissin the Girls, had suffered alleged inhumane treatment.  The report was filed during the NSBA approved event held at the Will Rogers Memorial Center, Fort Worth, TX.   The trainer of the horse was NSBA member, Shirley Roth of Ocala, FL.

Rule 99, Disciplinary Procedure, H)1) allows the Association to temporarily suspend a member until a Disciplinary Hearing is held.

Ms. Roth was temporarily suspended September 19, 2012 and denied all participation and privileges of the NSBA and NSBA approved events to include but not limited to showing or having access or presence on the show grounds of an NSBA approved event.

The Association is continuing its investigation.  A Disciplinary Hearing will be held when the investigation is completed.

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  1. Thank The Lord we have established rules for mistreatment and misconduct.

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