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2014_AQHA_RulebookCover_FThe deadline for submitting AQHA rule-change proposals is December 31.

AQHA encourages members who would like to make a difference in their Association to submit rule-change items by September 30 to give staff, committees and/or councils more time to prepare materials and communicate potential changes before being considered at the 2015 AQHA Convention March 6-9, 2015, in Fort Worth, Texas.

“We have found, and several committees and councils have discussed, the need to have more information and background knowledge on items they are considering,” said AQHA Executive Vice President Don Treadway Jr. “While we will still accept agenda items until December 31, to be more efficient and democratic, we are encouraging members to be more proactive and submit their items by September 30. Hopefully, in future years, this can become the actual deadline, as we work toward enhancing our rule-making process.”

Download and complete a rule-change proposal form.

Guidelines for Writing Proposed Rule Changes

  • Define the problem and develop as many possible solutions as you can by asking others for input.
  • Choose one possible solution that appears to be the most appropriate and that fits the mission and goals of AQHA.
  • Determine if any other rules would be affected if your proposal were adopted, and specify the rule numbers.
  • Submit proper wording for a proposed rule change by typing or neatly printing the exact wording being proposed. If you propose changes to existing language, strike through the words you propose to delete. Type in bold and italics the words you propose to add.

Handy Resources

Do you have other great ideas for AQHA that aren’t rule-change proposals? Please visit the new My AQHA Idea website to submit ideas and vote on others’ ideas. AQHA regularly monitors this website for great ideas that can improve the Association.

[Source: AQHA]

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