States Strengthen Livestock Entry Requirements

May 11th, 2015 8:59 PM | No Comments
[photo credit: Kirstie Marie Photography]

[photo credit: Kirstie Marie Photography]

Cases of equine herpes virus type-1 in Oregon and vesicular stomatitis in Utah, New Mexico and Arizona have been confirmed. As a result, state animal health officials are strengthening livestock entry requirements especially for horses traveling from states with confirmed cases of vesicular stomatitis. 

From the California Department of Food and Agriculture: 
Based on the international delisting of vesicular stomatitis and recent scientific evidence, California is revising the VS entry requirement statement on certificates of veterinary inspection from VS affected states. Specific changes include the removal of the 10-mile radius restriction and the additional requirement of examination of animals within 72 hours of shipment date. Note: Animals that have been exposed to or located on a VS confirmed or VS suspected premises within the last 30 days are not permitted to enter California.

Effective immediately: All horses, cattle, sheep, goats and swine originating from any state where vesicular stomatitis has been diagnosed, must be accompanied by a health certificate (certificate of veterinary inspection) and signed by an accredited veterinarian that includes the following statement:

“I have examined all the animals identified on this certificate within 72 hours of shipment date and found them to be free from signs of vesicular stomatitis. During the last 30 days, these animals have not been exposed to VS nor located on a VS confirmed or a VS suspected premises.”

NOTE: The certificate of veterinary inspection for California horses returning to California from a VS-affected state must include the VS statement written by an accredited veterinarian in the VS-affected state.

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