Spot My Blue Boy Raising Funds for Appaloosa Foundation at ApHC World Show

October 26th, 2015 9:31 AM | No Comments

Domino6_fsBecky Hogan and multiple world and national champion Appaloosa stallion, Spot My Blue Boy, are raising funds at the Appaloosa World Show for the Appaloosa Foundation.  Visitors to the ApHC World Show can stop by the Spot My Blue Boy booth right outside of the John Justin arena doors, where they will find a poster of Spot My Blue Boy covered in numbers.  Each number represents the amount that a person can choose to donate. 

“For several years, I have toyed with the idea of using my stallion, Spot My Blue Boy as a fundraising mechanism for charity. He is such a colorful and striking horse, I believed he could garner attention to a project. Originally, I thought that his banner would be a pin the spot on Domino, but it evolved into the idea of using his image in a money wall motif with the goal of removing his blanket to raise the funds,” Hogan explains. 

“Domino” was first used last summer at the NSBA World Show to raise money for the NSBA Foundation. But I wanted to bring him home to the Appaloosa World Show, my favorite show, and wanted to raise money for Equestrians With Disabilities here and at our National Show because that is a program that is dear and near to my heart. When I approached the Appaloosa Horse Club with my idea, telling them I wanted the funds to go to the Foundation in order to make the donations tax deductible, they enthusiastically jumped on board.”

Look for the Spot My Blue Boy poster outside of the John Justin arena and pick your donation amount!

Look for the Spot My Blue Boy poster outside of the John Justin arena and pick your donation amount!

Equestrians with Disabilities (EWD) programs have gained popularity and support in recent years across multiple organizations.  Most of the funding for these programs is from donations and every little bit helps keep these programs going.

“EWD is s worthwhile and fulfilling program for the riders, trainers, sponsors and everyone participating. It brings all involved back to showing and loving horses for their healing and joyous impact on all humans. EWD riders are skilled, competitive and supportive of their sport. It is an uplifting experience and one made for our Appaloosa family,” she says.

Donations can be made through cash, check, or credit card, and you do not have to be present at the ApHC to donate.  Interested donors can stop by the ApHC World Show office or contact Becky Hogan through email or call 817-597-6231.  All donations are tax deductible and will go to the Appaloosa Horse Club Equestrians with Disabilities Program.  If all pieces are purchased, there is a potential to raise $31,000!

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