SmartPak Announces Top Ten Horse Names for 2015

December 17th, 2015 9:09 PM | 1 Comment

Press Release

Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 10.08.54 PMPLYMOUTH, MA – December 17, 2015 – SmartPak is the country’s largest equestrian online and catalog retailer, and since 1999 has been able to provide award-winning customer service because it treats every rider – and horse – like a member of its family. As part of a year-end tradition, SmartPak draws the top 10 most popular names of the year from the horses that receive their supplements in SmartPaks each day.

Each year, thousands of horse owners discover the peace of mind and convenience that come with the SmartPak supplement feeding system. Every daily dose SmartPak is custom packed to meet the needs of each individual horse, with the horse’s name printed right on the SmartPak for fast, accurate dosing every time – not only making feeding mistakes virtually impossible, but also giving SmartPak unique insight into naming trends among well-cared for horses. SmartPak is on a first-name basis with every one of the tens of thousands of horses using SmartPaks and each year it enjoys compiling a list of America’s favorite horse names.

Mares continue to top the list, as “Bella” remains in the top spot for the second year in a row. “Jack”, “Cody”, “Rocky”, and “Max” remain recurrent favorites and continued to hold their respective standings from 2014. “Charlie” continues a steady climb each year and is now sitting in third, while “Chance” had the biggest jump this year and moved up 2 spots, now sitting in eighth.  Finally, for the first time since 2013, “Blue” has made a crack at the top 10 favorite names once again.

SmartPak’s Top Ten Most Popular Horse Names for 2015 are:

1. Bella                                    6. Rocky

2. Jack                                     7. Max

3. Charlie                                 8. Chance

4. Buddy                                 9. Blue

5. Cody                                   10. Beau

“We love welcoming new horses onto the SmartPak system each and every year,” said Paal Gisholt, SmartPak’s Chief Executive Officer. “When your horse is on SmartPaks, they become a member of our family, and we want to do everything we can to help you take the best possible care of him or her. As a company full of riders, our passion is serving horse owners, and we know how important it is to make sure your horse gets fed the right supplement, in the right amount, every time.”

Tightly sealed to protect potency, SmartPaks ensure that your horse always has the freshest supplements available. Best of all, they are delivered automatically every 28 days, so there is never a worry about running out.

SmartPak makes it easy to create a customized supplement program for horses with over 250 supplements available, including the exclusive line of SmartSupplements. All SmartSupplements are available for the best value when ordered in the SmartPaks and are Guaranteed to Work! If you order any SmartSupplements in SmartPaks and you don’t see results after two months, SmartPak will give you your money back.

Want to see your horse’s name on the 2016 top ten list? Visit today and get started with SmartPak’s Supplement Wizard – designed to create your horse’s custom SmartPaks in just five minutes. Simply answer a few questions about your horse and his diet to unlock the secrets of a healthier horse!


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  1. Buddy! that’s my horse name. He’s already 21 years old and now spending most of his time inside the stable. He’s suffering from joint pain and intestinal problem.

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