Show Us That Perfect Moment & Win!

July 1st, 2011 7:00 AM | No Comments

Introducing ProFocus EQ™, from Perfect Products

July 1, 2011 – Any horse that enters a performance environment is subject to a variety of distractions that are part and parcel of any competition venue. And every rider knows that maintaining your horse’s attention amid these distractions is essential, no matter your discipline or event.

At Perfect Products, there’s nothing more satisfying to us than putting a truly superior product into your hands. And with the growing popularity of the Perfect Products line, as well as the recent launch of our new website and logo identity, Perfect Products has already had an exciting year.

Show Us “That Perfect Moment” and Win!

To mark the expansion of our product line, we want to invite our readers to share their perfect moments with us. Whether it’s a quiet trail ride, the lovely opening circle of your hunter round, or the great stop at the end of your reining pattern, everyone knows when they’ve hit on that perfect moment during their ride. When you visit our facebook page and post your photo of “that perfect moment” on our wall, you’ll automatically be entered in our “Perfect Moment” sweepstakes. On July 15th we’ll randomly pick five entries to receive a $100.00 Perfect Products gift certificate!

New and Improved Formulas

With ProFocus EQ, the latest addition to Perfect Products’ popular line of calming formulas, heightened excitability finally becomes a non-issue. We formulated ProFocus with naturally occurring amino acids that help control your horse’s reactive, adrenaline-based levels, before they become an issue.

Every Horse, Every Day

With a new and improved formula, GastroEase EQ is now more effective than ever for total digestive health. Take a closer look at GastroEase today, and discover our best kept secret. GastroEase EQ is highly effective and more affordable than the competitors.

Visit our website to learn more about ProFocus™ EQ and all of our great products, or request them from your favorite tack store.

Visit our website for complete rules of the “Perfect Moment” sweepstakes.

Our formulas were developed to help you put all the essential pieces together. Training. Knowledge. Skill. After all, preparation is everything, and if done right, the results are limitless. Visit for more information. Perfect is possible.

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