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IMG_8522Over the years, show clothing has evolved from the days of tapestry vests and tuxedo shirts to personalized works of art that not only pull together a winning look but also reflect a rider’s personality. Along with the growth of the industry has been the growth and specialization of designers and retailers.  For over fifteen years, Show Me Again has set the industry standard when it comes to show clothing consignment and continues to dominate in a very competitive industry.  This hasn’t been by accident, by any means.  Wendy Brown, owner of Show Me Again, not only has a passion and background with the industry and fashion, but also the knowledge to know exactly where trends are going and how to help clients find the outfit of their dreams, whether it’s in one of the gently, pre-owned garments or a brand new, dazzling outfit from her roster of talented designer partners.

So, how has Show Me Again not only maintained their initial consignment “bread and butter” focus over the years, but also managed to successfully expand in other areas of the fashion arena (no pun intended)? 

First of all, Wendy attributes to having a strong brand name and image.  It’s never easy creating a lasting brand, but the Show Me Again brand is recognized and trusted throughout multiple industries and the world over as being a fashion innovator.  

IMG_8054“We offer a state-of-the-art website and shopping experience to our customers,” Wendy explains. “Show Me Again is a leader in innovation with services we offer to consignors that are exclusive to Show Me Again in the consignment industry. For instance, each consignor can log into their personalized account to view the status of their consignments at any time. Our website receives orders from all over the world on a daily basis in addition to the many shows we attend each year.”

This is just one of the many ways that Wendy makes customer service as much of a priority as a great product lineup, and the results have definitely shown. 

Values and integrity are extremely important to Show Me Again in every aspect of the business.

“We don’t compete with our consignment business by offering our own designer line of clothing, as it is a direct conflict of interest when it comes to sales because we don’t have a vested interest in selling our own custom designs or copying another designer,” she says.  “Being able to represent all designs, new or used, fairly and equally allows us to help each customer with their own needs in mind and offer what is best for her.”

Knowledge and in-depth experience in the industry also helps Show Me Again not just sell clothing and other items, but also provide a well-rounded consultative service to help clients find the perfect fit for them.  Wendy gained a plethora of business experience by growing up around her family’s manufacturing business which provided exposure to the various aspects of running a business, and helped her understand what is important to customers.

She’s certainly no stranger to the show industry either which is definitely a necessary element in the world of showing horses.  It takes more than just knowing what looks pretty, but also someone who understands trends, the needs of individual events, and the functionality of items.  For years, Wendy showed the all-around events on a national level earning numerous superiors, futurity championships, Congress and World Championships and top-ten placings.  Her parents currently own the phenomenal mare and 2015 AQHA Superhorse, “Snap Krackle Pop,” who has captured the hearts and impressed the industry with an impressive resume of World Championships, high points, and more.  “She’s A Lopin Machine” is another impressive mare of theirs having already claimed the world title in the 2016 NSBA Green Western Riding and Junior Western Riding, and finished her superior in trail.

Show Me Again takes great care in curating their product selection of highly specialized, high-end, new and used designer show clothing, but also offers quality items in all price ranges.


[photo credit: Ali Grusha Photography]

“We do not carry anything other than show clothing, and consignment is all we do. While we have represented many designers brand new clothing over the years, we have aligned ourselves with other established brands with superior reputations and business models. Both Silver Lining and Diane Olsen are two of our most popular designers with brand new offerings that you can find at Show Me Again. We have had an alliance with Silver Lining since they began making show clothes, and we have worked with Diane Olsen since the inception of Show Me Again in 2000. We welcome new designers to try our consignment program to see if it is a good fit for them but have the greatest success with the designers that create unique designs with impeccable quality of their garments, and have the same vision and goals as we do at Show Me Again.”

And if customers feel apprehensive about buying pre-owned clothing online, they shouldn’t.  That’s another area where Show Me Again’s first-rate customer service comes in to help put those worries and concerns to rest.  They even offer a “Try Before You Buy” program that allows customers to try the garment for a 7-day trail period.

“At Show Me Again we are looking out for our client’s best interests,” Wendy reassures.  “We are one of the only companies that does not charge up front, but rather obtains a credit card authorization or PayPal payment and offers a risk-free return program, and we make it extremely easy and highly encourage to try before you buy. We have personal relationships with our clients and don’t require harsh return authorizations, restocking fees or do final sales online with no option of return.”

She also has some additional tips to help ensure you get the best fit the first time:


[photo credit: Ali Grusha Photography]

Their best tip:  MEASURE! Show Me Again is dedicated to putting detailed measurements online, and since so many are custom-made it is impossible to be a one size fits all. They recommend looking in different size categories because many times, a simple alteration up or down is all an outfit needs for a perfect fit.

That is also something to keep in mind when shopping for youth. Don’t be limited to only shopping the youth categories.  Always look at many different size categories, such as small and extra small adult, because many times a piece they love can be altered.  However, parents are often concerned with kids growing out of show clothing therefore buy too big of a size that can result in a sloppy look.  Well-cared for youth show clothing stays in high demand, so resale is good, but the cost should be reasonable.

“Our site is the most extensive and easy to shop because of categories such as size, color, designer and color,” she says. “I have spent countless hours placing myself in the customer’s shoes by mock shopping the SMA website to create a seamless, hassle free, shopping experience. The investment I put back into the company for the customers is unparalleled and a direct reflection upon my keen attention to detail and reputation.”

She also encourages potential clients to do their research and ask for referrals when shopping consignment stores.

IMG_8494“We have been in business and leading the consignment industry for 16 years because we are a professional consignment company, have reasonable prices, competitive fees and positive testimonials.”

Buying clothing is only half of the Show Me Again equation.  In order to sell consignment, they have to have products consigned and all pre-owned articles go through an extensive inspection process to make sure they are up to Show Me Again standards before being accepted and offered to clients.  Selling show clothing can be a great way to make room in your closet and budget for new attire, but it’s important to properly care for your clothing from the get-go to ensure that not only your clothing holds up well, but you can also get the most ROI. 

After years of selling consignment, Wendy is an expert at what it takes to keep your clothing top notch and resale-worthy. 

First of all, always wear a camisole underneath to absorb perspiration, and spray Febreze on the inside of the jacket and gently clean the inside of collar after every show.  Try not to put your jacket on until the last minute before showing, and always take it off and cover as soon as possible after showing.  Never store it in the trailer or tack room for the best chance at receiving top value for your item. Heat and humidity are garment killers!  Also, be sure to sell items before they become outdated and no longer trendy. 

As the Congress and World Shows wrap up 2016 and we head into the next year, there are several trends that Show Me Again is already starting to notice have made their appearance this year and show staying power.   

Symmetry is reigning in the pen this year, with designs that slim the waist and flattering silhouettes.   Accents like fringe, have moved down to the waist and hip and even the hem, are thriving and adding to the symmetrical look.

Ali (1)

Ali Grusha is the official Show Me Again East Coast Fashion Consultant. Visit Ali at select East Coast shows, where she can not only help you find your next dream outfit but also accepts consignments.

They have also noticed unexpected accents at the lapel and collar, on button-down oxford shirts, along with the still-popular English color and lapel piping, plus classic showmanship suits with piping. 

“With the piping, we are seeing an influence in some disciplines from the vaquero style that’s popular for ranch classes, like piping with arrows and very subtle western accents,” explains Wendy.

Vests are still going strong and can be seen in just about every western events.  The latest vest trends include bolero styles.  There is also a focus on intricate sleeves and upper arms of jackets, vests and horsemanship shirts abound this year.

When it comes to functionality, fabrics that are comfortable and stretch to allow better fit and movement have become an expectation.  Everyone has moved away from the solid saddle blankets and customized blankets pull an entire look together.  Saddle blankets aren’t the only items being customized and can be seen from the tack to the makeup and is only going to pick up speed heading into 2017. 

Show Me Again has developed the winning equation to consignment show clothing and the trust and respect their clientele has for the brand speaks for itself.  With Wendy’s passion, hard work, and commitment, you can feel confident that you will get the absolute best product and experience from Show Me Again that will give you that winning look you seek.  After all, her favorite part is the ability to provide that genuine, personalized experience. 

“We love getting to know our customers outside of the show world. But our ultimate goal is to help the customer find the perfect outfit, whether it be pre-owned, brand new or facilitating a custom order and feeling the confidence and joy of leaving feeling like a million bucks while being budget conscious so that can translate into the show pen.” 

And that is what makes Show Me Again more than just quality product.  To stay up-to-date with their latest news and offerings, follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, join their “Just Added Club” for special offerings, and check out their official website,

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