Show Clothes Designer Makes it Possible for Everyone to Wear the Best

August 24th, 2018 7:08 AM | No Comments

If you work in the horse industry, you can not help but meet people with great hearts, and experience the wonderful, giving, selfless, acts that are truly incredible. 

For Carolyn Berry, owner of Berry Fit Show Company, making top of the line show clothing has been her work of art for years, outfitting countless World and Congress Champions and numerous high-level exhibitors throughout the world. However, Carolyn knew she could touch lives by doing even more with her business. 

Earlier this week, she announced she is starting to collect money for a account to raise funds to outfit girls who cannot afford expensive outfits. 

 ”In the horse world, there are so many young girls who work very hard and practice a lot, doing all of the work themselves, without a formal trainer who is just as passionate about horses but don’t have the funds to obtain a suitable outfit to go to horse shows and compete properly. Berry Fit has established a Go Fund Me page to enable donations to fund these girls in getting an outfit. Not a fancy one, but one that is well fitted and suited to the needs of the particular individual. This will help not only the girls but also enable the consigned garments to flow in the right direction, to people who need them,” she announces.

Click on this link to support this wonderful fundraiser!

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