Road to the Horse: Judgment Time

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press release
The fate of the next Road to the Horse Colt Starting World Champion rests in the hands of the selected panel of judges for the 2013 competition.  Dan James, Guy McLean, Sarah Winters and Obbie Schlom will need to impress judges: Mike Kevil, Joe Wolter, Ian Francis, Bryan Neubert and Cody Lambert.  The four competitors will be judged on their ground technique, confidence, the horse’s understanding and acceptance and the final test of skill: rail work, freestyle and the famous Road to the Horse obstacle course.  Competitors have a limited amount of time to demonstrate and display their abilities. After three days of watching both trainer and horse the five judges will have a difficult decision to make, who will be the next Road to the Horse International champion?
“Nothing but the best for Road to the Horse and its fans”, says Road to the Horse Producer Tootie Bland. “We have the most experienced Colt Starting judges in the history of Road to the Horse and some of the brightest stars ready and willing to show what they got and prove that they are the World Champion! It’s going to be good!”
A new award this year, the Jack Brainard Horsemanship Award, will be presented to the horseman or horsewoman, by Jack Brainard, that excels in their power of observation to correctly analyze the best approach and then apply that method as smoothly as possible for the horse’s best interest.  Mr. Jack Brainard of Tioga, Texas, is known for his contributions to the equine industry and his lifelong commitment to horses and the people who enjoy them. 
Road to the Horse Head Judge Mike Kevil has spent the last 35 years developing his own training practices to include patience, consistency and understanding the horse. He is the noted author of “Starting Colts, a Western Horseman Book” and its DVD counterparts, “Starting Colts” volumes one and two.  Kevil currently resides in Cave Creek, Arizona.
From Grass Valley, California, Joe Wolter is known for his patient approach to helping both animals and people. Joe trains horses for the public and competes in cutting, versatility ranch horse and ranch roping events.  Joe and wife Jimmie operate their horse training and cattle conditioning ranches in Texas and Montana.
Ian Francis, otherwise known as Mr. Versatility in the Australian Quarter Horse Industry is highly respected in Australia and internationally as a master horseman.  Ian concentrates on presenting clinics all around Australia, New Zealand and the United States teaching horsemen how to excel.
Bryan Neubert, raised near Salinas, California, began his career with some great horseman who were eager to share what they had learned with him.  Constantly gaining horsemanship knowledge, he considers himself to be a continual student.  Over the last 20 years has traveled around the United States and Canada sharing his horsemanship knowledge.
Making his third appearance as a Road to the Horse Judge is Cody Lambert, a recent Texas Rodeo Cowboy Hall of Fame inductee.  The PRCA World Champion of Bowie, Texas, has a long and storied history in the world of horses and continues to use those skills today, even though he is best known for his bull riding skills.
About Road to the Horse: (March 15-17, 2013- Lexington, Kentucky) Road to the Horse is an exclusive horsemanship experience that combines valuable education and thrilling entertainment!
A competition untouched by others, tests skill, experience and colt training prowess, Road to the Horse dares elite horse trainers to create a trusting partnership with an untouched 3-year-old Quarter Horse. The test begins with the selection, choosing only one remuda horse from the legendary Four Sixes Ranch; competitors have just three days to build a working relationship. With disruptive sounds, exhilarating sights and adrenaline-pumping time constraints each competitor must face the final trial, an obstacle course. Only one can walk away with the Colt Starting World Champion title.
True horse enthusiasts recognize Road to the Horse as the event of the year. 2013 marks an exceptional milestone, the 10th anniversary.  This competition will be the most extravagant yet, an event so big can only happen in one place; The “Horse Capital of the World”, Lexington, Kentucky.  Meet horsemen and women from around the world at the Kentucky Horse Park for a truly unique equine experience.
Road to the Horse enjoys the support of corporate partners such as Western Horseman, American Quarter Horse Association, Platinum Performance, Ram Trucks, Wrangler, Martin Saddlery, Gist Silversmiths, W-W Livestock, Nutrena, the Four Sixes Ranch and Mustang Heritage Foundation along with many more valued industry products and services.
If you’d like to attend, please email for press passes.  To learn more, go to or call 325.736.5000.

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