RGP Adds AQHA Points and Awards to Online Reports

March 3rd, 2017 7:53 PM | No Comments


The American Quarter Horse Association and Robin Glenn Pedigrees are excited to announce that online reports for money-earners in the RGP Database now include AQHA points and awards. For the first time ever, owners can request a record that gives the whole picture: money earned and class placings in other organizations’ activity, plus AQHA points and awards.

RGP is giving all users $10 in free reports to experience the new reports. The credit applies to existing and new users, and can be obtained by logging on at www.robinglennpedigrees.com.

“Merging this data to produce a one-stop resource was one of our primary goals in purchasing Robin Glenn Pedigrees,” said Trent Taylor, AQHA chief operating officer. “For the first time, our customers can go to a single website and pull one record showing both the AQHA points and money earned, giving the horsemen complete information to make buying, selling, breeding and marketing decisions.”  

Updated continuously, the RGP database contains more than 317,000 money-earners and a billion dollars in horse earnings, offering results from more than 300 halter and performance organizations that cover every type of American Quarter Horse performance event.

Reports available include a performance report for a given horse, a dam’s produce report and a “nicking” (“best cross”) report that shows proven stallion crosses. Customizable sire reports are also available in addition to maternal grandsire reports, plus a four-generation dam’s produce report offering a color-coded study of a mare that includes performance detail on the subject mare, foals, grandfoals and great-grandfoals, for up to four dams. All the horses on these reports will now show AQHA points and awards as well as the usual RGP research.

“Having worked from two sets of records ourselves to produce catalog pages for the past three decades, we know how cumbersome retrieving complete information has been for the horsemen,” said Robin Glenn, senior director of RGP. “RGP’s job is to make it as easy and productive as possible for horsemen to promote and evaluate their horses, and we are beyond thrilled to finally be able to offer this service to the public.”

Register to use the RGP Database today to learn all about your horse and its family at www.robinglennpedigrees.com.Robin Glenn Pedigrees is an AQHA subsidiary.

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