Premier Paint Sires Comes to a Close

September 5th, 2018 6:47 PM | 1 Comment

Facebook Post from Premier Paint Sires: 


Dear friends and followers of Premier Paint Sires,

Over the past five years Premier Paint Sires has paid out hundreds of thousands to paint horse owners, exhibitors, breeders and stallion owners. Building the PPS from a program no one believed would work into the elite futurity program for APHA stallions and their offspring has been a labor of love. I believe whole heartedly in doing my part to give back to the industry that has given so much to me, regardless of whether they are quarter horses or color breed horses.

However, despite my best efforts, for the last few years I have been told repeatedly that it would be better for the paint horses to have a “paint person” running the program. This along with lack of exhibitor and trainer support for the program, declining APHA breeding numbers, late stallion payments or refusal to pay at all, the lack of new young paint stallions coming up to replace older stallions that are no longer breeding and the monumental growth of the Premier Quarter Sires which has resulted in several PPS double registered stallions opting to switch to that program, are all contributing factors in my decision to end the Premier Paint Sires Limited Series as of this year.

The Premier Paint Sires program will continue as a Breeders Futurity hosting those classes at one show each year for the next three years until all funds from the 2018 foal crop that was nominated in utero last year are dispersed. New nominations will no longer be accepted. The show location will be announced at a later date.

Although the Premier Paint Sires Limited Series is ending I am still just as committed to promoting the color breed horses as I was when I started the PPS, as evidenced by the addition of a color division to the Premier Quarter Sires Breeders Futurity which was announced earlier this year. I am sincerely grateful to everyone who had a part in making the PPS what it is, especially the stallion owners. None of this was possible without their support. No where else could a paint horse earn as much money as they did through the PPS and that was a team effort between all those involved. It has been a great ride and although it is bittersweet for me, I look forward to opportunity it provides to focus even more time, effort and resources on growing the Premier Quarter Sires.


Claire Binkowski

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  1. I am just wondering what the payouts will be for the show coming up and of August? I have heard so many rumors that there is no money to pay out in any of the classes. I nominated our foal 2016 when he was born. We did not show as a 2 year old
    But planned on coming in August
    Is it worth it? Being that stalls are $100
    Julie Aldrich

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