’s 5 Most Popular Stories of 2015

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The passing of Zips Chocolate Chip was our 2nd most popular story of 2015.

The passing of Zips Chocolate Chip was our 2nd most popular story of 2015.

2015 had no shortage of hot news and interesting stories in the horse industry.  As we wind down yet another year, we’ll take a look back at some of 2015′s most popular articles on  

5.  Continuing To Put The Horse First-  In April, AQHA announced a groundbreaking ruling in their Executive meeting that all lip chains would be banned from use beginning in 2016.  This decision was met with both applause and dismay across the industry.  A few weeks ago, it was announced that the ruling had been amended to allow lip cords on stallions only.  This is an ongoing story, and we’ll keep our readers informed of any updates as we head into the new year.

4.  In Celebration Of The Western Pleasure Horse- Western Pleasure has always been a hot-button issue, and in October we posted a story celebrating how a correct pleasure horse has evolved over the years.  

3.  Broadening The Gene Pool- At the AQHA Convention in March, AQHA announced that sperm, embryos, and oocytes would have an expiration date and will not be allowed to be used after two years after the death or sterilization of the horse.

2.  Zips Chocolate Chip Passes at 30- In September, the quarter horse industry’s heart collectively broke when we learned of the passing of the great Zips Chocolate Chip at 30 years old.  

1. Western Pleasure: It’s Time to Move Forward and Straighten Things OutAs we’ve already mentioned, the western pleasure world has no shortage of critics when unnatural movement is concerned.  Trainer Tom Chown takes a look at what we can do to improve the class and let our horses’ natural movement show.

There you have it.  Our top 5 most popular stories of 2015 based on you, our readers.  Have one that you’re surprised didn’t make the list?  Let us know!



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