Travel Guide: Oklahoma City’s Top Steakhouses

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[photo credit: the Quarter Horse Journal]

[photo credit: the Quarter Horse Journal] is excited to bring you another installment of the Travel Guide, this time featuring Oklahoma City.  Oklahoma City is a popular destination for many major equestrian events including (but most certainly not limited to) the AQHA World Championships, the AQHYA Ford Youth World Championships, the Redbud Spectacular, the Prairie Classic, NRHA Derby, NRHA Futurity, and many more.

From those who make multiple visits a year to those attending for the first time, there is always something new to see and try in OKC.  We partnered with the Oklahoma City Convention & Visitor’s Bureau to bring you some “must-try” steakhouses in the city.  It’s a well-known fact that horse people love a good steak, and OKC is a prime (see what we did there) place to satisfy your craving.  Whether you’re celebrating a big win, or just want a hearty meal after a long day, add these places to your list for your next visit.

  1. Cattlemen’s Steakhouse-Located in the National Stockyards, only a stone’s throw away from the Oklahoma State Fairgrounds, Cattlemen’s Steakhouse has been in operation for over 100 years.  As one of Oklahoma’s oldest restaurants (established in 1910), it’s safe to say, they know their steaks.  For a restaurant that was won in a 1945 craps game, it has been chosen the best steakhouse in the entire state for the last 12 years.  Famous menu items include steaks (of course), lamb fries, homemade desserts, dinner rolls, and their famous Cattlemen’s House Salad Dressing.  Over 100 years in the business obviously speaks for itself and the quality of their cuisine.

    Catllemen’s Steakhouse [photo credit: Oklahoma City CVB]

  2. Red Prime Steakhouse- If you feel like getting out of your dusty jeans and experiencing something a little more upscale, look no further than Red Prime Steakhouse. Red Prime offers a modern take on what most people think of as a steakhouse.  The perfect combination of a historic exterior and urban sophistication on the inside, this downtown location offers amazing steaks and refreshing cocktails.
    Red Prime Steakhouse [photo credit: Oklahoma City CVB]

    Red Prime Steakhouse [photo credit: Oklahoma City CVB]

  3. KD’s Southern Cuisine- KD’s Southern Cuisine offers a more “down-home” southern approach to the world of steak.  Owned by OKC Thunder star, Kevin Durant, this Bricktown location, offers delectable steaks and southern sides in a sporty atmosphere.
    KD's Southern Cuisine [photo credit: Oklahoma CVB]

    KD’s Southern Cuisine [photo credit: Oklahoma CVB]

  4. Ranch Steakhouse- Touted as Oklahoma City’s original prime steakhouse, Ranch Steakhouse offers exceptional quality steaks that are hand-cut for each guest.  The Premium Natural Beef that they serve is born and raised in Oklahoma, and you can also find Grade 10 Kobe beef and locally-raised Bison on the menu.  Ranch Steakhouse offers guests old-world charm and a first-class dining experience. 
    Ranch Steakhouse

    Ranch Steakhouse [photo credit: Oklahoma City CVB]


Know of another we should add to the list?  Let us know your favorite Oklahoma City steakhouses in the comments below! 




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