Past, Present and Future of the AQHA Incentive Fund

April 6th, 2017 9:43 PM | No Comments

[photo credit: the Quarter Horse Journal]

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The American Quarter Horse Association Incentive Fund began in 1984 with the first nominations for the 1983 breeding season and grew dramatically over the next two decades. The secret to the success was grass-roots involvement and the nomination of a large number of horses each year.

“When the AQHA Incentive Fund was developed in the 1980s, the program’s intent was to encourage participation at AQHA shows and improve the market for buying and selling horses,” said AQHA Chief Show Officer Pete Kyle. “A stallion nominator’s financial input into the program was to help fund their nominated offspring showing, making the stallion owner’s benefit that they would receive more breedings because their stallion was nominated. The intent of stallion and foal nominators each receiving 15 percent of the foal’s future earnings was to help cover their initial investment, plus provide them with a more marketable horse.” 

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