Our Condolences on the Loss of Sandy Bar Seeker

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By Gabrielle Sasse, PleasureHorse.com

Sandy Bar Seeker

Sandy Bar Seeker

In November of 2012, Judy Pryor of Pryor Ranch shared with us the story of her wonderful broodmare Sandy Bar Seeker. We are very saddened to share that “Sandy” had to be put down on December 12th of this year, suffering from a broken leg. The 1984 AQHA mare by Supreme Champion stallion Wonder Seeker was an amazing mare who would “come trotting over with a spry step or lope in a way that is a double take” Judy raved. Sandy was out of out of Kids Demantina, who was sired by  another Supreme Champion, Kid Meyers, who is by Three Bars and out of Miss Meyers, a World Champion AHQA Top AAA Racing Horse with a speed index of 100.

Sandy was living out the remainder of her long years of producing winning babies at the home of Betty and Ron Wagner. Sandy was no longer having babies, but she was taking care of the Wagner’s daughters Hailey (3) and Angelina (7). “July 27th, Betty was here to pick up her mare in foal to PR Corona Bay, and asked if I had a safe horse for her girls to learn on,” Judy explained. “Sandy, to my knowledge, was never broke out, but we would let our grand kids ride her and Kathy Collins… so I said maybe I did. We went and opened gate Sandy had snuck in (she always liked to eat grain in private) and we put a halter on her. Sandy put her head way down to be level with the Hailey… then that went well, so we put Angelina on her back. I could not stop crying! This was a dream come true for me.” Judy exclaimed. “Sandy has a new life taking care of two little girls…and they loved her beyond anything: brushing, feeding, leading, playing… she was happy just being a friend to two little girls that their grandma has adopted. It was a joyous gift, and I could not have been happier. ”

IMG_20131006_144152_472The two girls absolutely adored their new horse, and would bring their friends from school around. “Angelina would bring her best friend from school, who had never been around horses,” shares Betty. “Sandy would just put her head down on level with everyone.”

“We’ve had many horses here come and go, but this was a gift from God,” Judy said. “A mare so living and just knew what to do [with the girls].”

On the morning of the 12th, Betty and Ron had gone out to feed and found Sandy with a broken leg. She had been fine the night before, and so the devastated pair could only assume she had fallen. It was a severe fracture on her upper leg, and there was no evidence of anything happening such as wild animals, fences down, panels down, etc.

IMG_20131006_144124_662“The comfort we can all still hold is that she had some easy last days,” sadly shares Betty. “She was well fed, had lots of attention and was healthy. She had put on quite a bit of weight […] we absolutely loved her personality and temperment… truly a GREAT horse. I’m sorry we had to lose her.”

“The girls (especially Angelina) are struggling … Sandy WILL be missed.”

Both Judy and Betty speculate that Sandy slipped and did the splits, causing the break to puncture the inside of her leg. “Bottom line is that we couldn’t just let her suffer, and at her age there was no way it could be fixed. Ron and I are both just sick this occurred,” Betty continues. “I thought Sandy would be with us a year or so and just die of old age.  The current events were not quite how the plan was supposed to be.  Shows that someone else is in control of these things.”

Quite Decked Out, owned by Lin Johnson

Quite Decked Out, out of Sandy, owned by Lin Johnson


PR My Pleasure owned by Jessie McCrumb

PR My Pleasure, out of Sandy, owned by Jessie McCrumb












“Sandy produced so many babies that warmed so many hearts,” reminisces Judy of her broodmare. “I wish we had worked harder to get them to show homes, because they would do so well. Even her babies are going on to produce great ones! Her last filly produced a fancy 2013 foal that Lynn Palm picked right off at Robin DeGraff’s farm; Julia Pezold and Shelley Rystrom own producing daughters of Sandy’s; Steve and Sue Fisher and Ken Soll both own breeding stallions; Lin Johnson won three World Champions with her Sandy baby, and has another wonderful mare out of Sandy; Jessie McCrum has a wonderful show gelding… so many great babies by such a wonderful mare.”

Losing a horse is never an easy thing to do, but losing such a wonderful mare is truly a loss for the horse world. She gave others their champions, gave love to children, and gave Judy many years of happiness. Angelina and Hailey have caught the horse bug from Sandy, and are “already on our case about when they can get another horse.” Although it will be hard to replace Sandy, she truly was a gift to every life that she touched. “Thank you Judy for allowing us to have Sandy during the time she was here. She was a gift.”  

Our condolences to the Wagner family, and Judy. Our hearts go out to you.

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