Oklahoma Tornado Kills 75-100 Animals on Horse Farm

May 21st, 2013 10:55 AM | No Comments


Rescuers recover a horse from the remains of a day care center and destroyed barns. Photo: AP

The horses were located at the 106-acre Orr Family Farm which was devastated by the massive, two-mile wide twister. It has been reported that the horses’ stalls and barns took a direct hit from the deadly tornado, whose strength has been estimated as an F4 or F5.

The tornado was estimated to be on the ground for an agonizing 40 minutes, during which time it devastated everything in its path.

Witnesses to the destruction liken the damage to a war-zone.

Residents were warned to take cover approximately 16 minutes before the tornado formed; tragically, for animals in the region, there was nowhere to escape the storm’s wrath.

Concerned fans of the Orr Family Farm are leaving comments on their Facebook page.

The Orr family commented earlier today -

“We have been overwhelmed by the generosity of those fellow horseman who have volunteered their services, supplies and acreage. At this time, we are assessing the damage and are reconciling the number of animals lost or injured. We encourage everyone not to enter this area as first responders are still actively searching for human life. We have set up a hotline for those who would like to leave their name and number so that when we know more of our needs we may be able to call upon your generous offers. That hotline is 405.283.2258. Once again, thank you for your show of generosity and know your thoughts and prayers have been heard by our family.”

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