Ohio Equine Affaire is Here! April 11-14 in Columbus, OH

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Photos courtesy of Krissy Randolph

By Krissy Randolph, PleasureHorse.com

April 11, 2013-Columbus, OH- As the rain came down steadily all Thursday morning, so did the spectators to the opening day of the annual Ohio equine extravaganza that is Equine Affaire, at the Ohio Expo Center in Columbus, OH. The less-than-ideal weather seemed to not impede the excitement and attendance of the first of this four day celebration of all things horse. This year, Ohio Equine Affaire is held April 11-14, and with a multitude of things to see and do, it has become one of the most anticipated horse events in the area.

Exhibitors travel from all over the country to present their products to a massive audience at the large trade show; horse associations come to spread the word about their organizations, and breeders give information and show off some of the most spectacular and rare breeds imaginable. Every year, this event attracts some of the nation’s top riders and trainers to give clinics, answer questions, and meet fellow horse enthusiasts. This year boasts an impressive list of well-known trainers such as: Robin Gollehon, Julie Goodnight, Al Dunning, and Kerry Kuhn, just to name a few.

There is something for all ages at Equine Affaire! Photo courtesy of Krissy Randolph

Personally, I love Equine Affaire for a variety of reasons: the large number of clinics, the learning opportunities, and most of all—the shopping! Like most horse lovers, I tend to spend my money mainly on horse-related items, and this event has it all. The trade show is unlike anything I have ever attended in my life. Anything you could possibly imagine, from stall cleaning machines to artwork and everything in between, if it is even vaguely horse related it is almost certainly represented here! In previous visits to E.A. I have purchased some of my favorite, most durable, and reasonably priced tack that I own.

Beyond retail goods, there is a veritable smorgasbord of food and drink vendors, offering some of the most heavenly menu items I have seen at any event. Not only can you get a funnel cake, a gyro, and a hefty glass of Budweiser here—you can also walk your horse right up to the food cart to do so!

Photos courtesy of Krissy Randolph

This year I was so excited to try and see everything I did not stop to do any real shopping, but even without spending a dime I had so much fun! The exhibitors here are always willing to strike up a conversation with anyone or demonstrate their products. If you are on the fence about traveling to attend Equine Affaire, I highly recommend you go!

Finally, I want to say a quick thank you to all the exhibitors who were so kind as to chat with me today and allow me to photograph your hard work, I had a great time meeting all of you!

Vendors chatting with curious customers. Photo courtesy of Krissy Randolph



For those of you who are unable to attend, PleasureHorse.com will be continuing coverage of Ohio Equine Affaire as it progresses, and will be posting more pictures, video clips, and updates. Don’t forget to check back in to continue following this spectacle of all things equine related!

For more information and a list of the clinics provided, click here

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