NQHL to Debut Working Hunter Under Saddle

June 15th, 2015 9:40 AM | No Comments

14488467182_6f137e2aab_zThe National Quarter Horse League will debut its new working hunter under saddle class in July during the Huntfield Derby at the Big A Circuit in Georgia. 

For NQHL working hunter under saddle, horses are shown at a walk, trot and canter both ways of the ring. Light contact with the horse’s mouth is required, and quality of movement is the emphasis. Only extremely high or below level head carriage to be penalized. Judges may ask horses to hand gallop collectively one way of the ring. Horses should move with long, low strides reaching forward with ease and smoothness, be able to lengthen stride and cover ground with relaxed, free-flowing movement, while exhibiting correct gaits that are of the proper cadence as seen in a working hunter over-fence class. 

Horses entered in working hunter under saddle are required to be entered and shown in at least one over-fence class at the same event. Over-fence classes are considered working hunter, equitation over fences, jumpers and hunter hack.  

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