NetPosse Helps Families Find Missing and Stolen Horses- The Search for Child’s Stolen Horse and Family Trailer in Texas Begins

January 10th, 2014 9:08 AM | No Comments

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pepperStolenTXflyerJan14SPRING, Texas – A family in Spring, TX is in fear for the life of their stolen horse Pepper. The horse belongs to Jana Willis’ daughter and she needs your help bringing her horse home.

Pepper, a 16 year old Dunn Quarter Horse gelding with 4 black stockings was taken from his pasture along with the family’s grey three horse bumper pull trailer.

Jana Willis says someone drove into their pasture late Sunday night and left with their horse, Pepper, and their grey 3-horse bumper pull horse trailer.

“I fed up Saturday around 5:30 PM and came back out Sunday morning to turn out my older horse. I realized that my daughter’s horse was missing along with my trailer, tack and some other items, “says Willis.

Willis is afraid that when the thieves realize Pepper is lame without his medicine, they may kill him or sell him to a slaughter buyer.

“Please, help us find Pepper and bring him home,” please Willis.

Pepper is listed on Stolen Horse International, also known as, the nation’s lost and found for missing and stolen horses that specializes in helping victims in their search and recovery efforts.

After receiving the report filed by Willis, the organization began distributing the information via their Alerts (the horse community’s Amber Alert) on the Internet to hundreds of social media groups (Facebook, Twitter, Pininterest) and to thousands of people in their NetPosse Network in an effort to rally the public to help this horse owner in need.

“Please go to Pepper’s listing on and help this family,” says founder Debi Metcalfe. “Print Pepper’s flyer and hang it in your community. You never know where this horse is now or where he will tomorrow. He could be nearby or clear across the country in a week.”

For more details, pictures and Jana Willis’ contact info go to NetPosse Report 2160 or click this link:

Please visit NetPosse’s Facebook page here to get the latest details on this case, and others.

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