NCEA Announces Latest National Team Rankings

November 12th, 2015 11:54 AM | No Comments

[source: NCEA]

[photo credit: NCEA]

[photo credit: NCEA]

WACO, Texas - Many changes were seen to the latest National Collegiate Equestrian Association’s National Team Rankings for NCAA equestrian, which were determined by the NCEA selection committee and announced on Tuesday.

Georgia is the nation’s No. 1 team, while Baylor checks in at No. 2. Texas A&M is No. 3 after a win against Auburn last week, while Auburn is now No. 4.

Oklahoma State checks in at No. 5, while TCU is No. 6. Fresno State (No. 7), South Carolina (No. 8), SMU (No. 9) and New Mexico State (No. 10) round out the top-10.

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NCEA National Team Rankings (November 10, 2015) 1. Georgia (4-0) 
2. Baylor (6-1) 
3. Texas A&M (4-1) 
4. Auburn (4-1) 
5. Oklahoma State (3-2) 
6. TCU (3-2) 
7. Fresno State (3-4) 
8. South Carolina (2-4) 
9. SMU (2-4) 
10. New Mexico State (3-6)

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