Make It A Spa Day

March 5th, 2016 5:07 PM | No Comments

Equine Aqua Spa Center Offers State-Of-The-Art Treatments for Your Equine AthletesThe life of a show horse can be pretty darn sweet.  Their stalls are immaculate, while our homes tend to look like they’ve been neglected for weeks.  Horses get monthly shoeings, the best nutrition and fitness regimens, and just about anything else we can do for their comfort and to make sure they stay at their peak of physical and mental fitness.  In recent years, services like equine massage, bodywork, and chiropractic therapy have increased in popularity along with other treatments to prevent performance-related injuries in our equine athletes.  It only stands to reason that they deserve a “spa” day as much as their riders do.  However, you won’t find mud masks and sugar scrubs at this kind of spa. 

Equine Aqua Spa Center is the brainchild of Ramona Caldwell and located in the heart of the north Texas horse country.  Along with her daughter Joselyn (“JJ”), Dr. Kelsey Braudrick, Melissa Patterson, Christine Smothermon, and Kasha Ford, the team is committed to providing the best quality care for your horse, whether it is keeping them in peak physical condition or rehabbing from an injury.  The spa also offers select services to riders and other “human patients.” 

Ramona is no stranger to the horse industry, with many years of experience with AQHA, and she felt there was a need for an easier way to keep her horses sound and maintained. She decided to open her state-of-the-art facility with the highest quality of equipment and an exceptionally trained staff to provide a range of services.

The less invasive techniques you’ll find at the Equine Aqua Spa Center are a culmination of Ramona’s and Joselyn’s experience in breeding, raising, training, boarding, competing, and showing in the equine industry. Over the years, as mother and daughter competed side by side, they found that these techniques were affordable, easier on their horses, and showed value in performance. The pair traveled and visited some of the major rehabilitation and conditioning clinics in the country. From each one, they pulled modalities and programs that they felt were the most crucial for the North Texas horse population’s needs. 

Read the full article in the March issue of Show Horse Today.  

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