Leeman Farm: An Industry Pillar of Success

January 16th, 2017 10:32 PM | No Comments

fritzleadSpanning over 200 acres of pristine Ohio countryside, Leeman Farm is one of the cornerstone operations of the western pleasure industry.  Owned by Fritz and Carole Leeman, Leeman Farm has seen its share of legendary horses pass through the barn doors.  The dream started in the early 80’s, when the Leemans’ children first showed an interest in horses.  What started out as a couple of horses for their kids’ pastime, quickly grew into one of the premier operations of the industry.  Just like the family business, Brewster Dairy, Leeman Farms can attribute their success to passion, hard work, and savvy decisions. 

The Leemans’ children started their show careers like most, getting their feet wet in 4-H and local-level events and quickly progressing to showing on a national stage at the Quarter Horse Congress and World Shows.  Lisa Leeman was known for her show ring success with No Blarney, while brothers Doug and Jeff showed Poco Van Linda and Cash Magnificent, respectively.  That love for showing was passed on to their children.  Granddaughter Katsy Leeman, rose to national acclaim with Deesired Invitation and continues to show today in Amateur and Non Pro events. 

“I think I could ride before I could walk!” says Katsy. “It’s really fun that I’m riding horses that are the 2nd or 3rd generation of the ones I grew up with.”

The breeding program of Leeman Farms is second to none, and began with two great sires, Snazzy Story and Marshall Coker, who are referred to as “the founders.” 

Prior to his breeding career, 1981 sorrel stallion by Story Man, Snazzy Story was the highest placing two year-old western pleasure stallion at the 1983 Texas Classic.  The next year, he won the 1984 Pleasure Celebration at the Houston Stock Show before finishing his Superior in Western Pleasure later that year along with winning the Junior Western Pleasure at the Iowa State Show.  By the time his show career concluded, he had earned over $36,000.  

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