Latest EHV-1 Update from Veterinary Clinic in Elk River, MN

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Re-posted with permission from Anoka Equine Veterinary Service’s Facebook page

horse vaccine featuredTuesday, April 8, 2014- Yesterday we tested a horse in Isanti County: this horse was neurologic and unable to urinate. This horse is at a large facility and that facility has been closed, no new horses have entered the property. This means it was brought in by a human in some way… on equipment, shoes, hands, tack, etc. This is an entirely new case and does have a high probability of having positive results, test results are expected back this coming Friday or Monday.


  • People have been confused and are asking what constitutes “positive”? A horse is positive if they have BOTH a positive final test and clinical neurological symptoms. A horse that tests positive but is not showing symptoms is not considered a true positive and those horses are re-tested at about the 3 week mark.

  • Can we test horses as a screening procedure, “just to be sure”? The answer is no. The laboratories and veterinarians are not testing random, normal horses. We will only do tests on horses from positive barns, horses that have been exposed to positive horses or those that are symptomatic. 

  • Yes, a seemingly normal healthy horse can indeed not be healthy and develop clinical signs later. This it the biggest reason for our 2 week “no travel” suggestion.

  • Should you have your farrier out? We cannot tell you yes or no. We can suggest that you make sure your farrier is aware of the EHV-1 situation. Make sure they are using a disinfecting protocol to include disinfection shoes, tools, hands, clothing, etc. The Minnesota Farrier Association website has good information to help farriers with this.


Horse 1: Chisago County, MN. – Positive on 3/8/14 – Euthanized

Horse 2: Chisago County, MN. – Positive on 3/8/14 – Recovering

Horse 3: Dakota County, MN. – Positive on 3/18/14 – Euthanized

Horse 4: Polk County, WI – Positive on 3/20/14 – Recovering

Horse 5: Hennepin County, MN – Positive on 3/21/14 – Recovering

Horse 6: Freeborn County, MN. – Positive on 3/26/14 -

Horse 7: Wright County, MN. – Positive on 3/26/14 – Recovering

Horse 8: Iowa (horse visited both Freeborn & Hennepin Cty) –Positive on 3/26/14 – Recovering and barn tests clear with other horses.

Horse 9: Wright County, MN. – Positive on 3/29/14 – Euthanized

Horse 10: St. Croix, WI. Tested on 4/4/14 – Tested positive 4/8/14

***Suspect case Isanti County, MN. Tested on 4/7/14 – Awaiting results


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