Kirstie Marie Photography Encourages Fans to Nominate Their Inspirational Person

October 19th, 2015 2:16 PM | 4 Comments

[photo credit: Kirstie Marie Photography]

Kirstie Marie Photography is encouraging fans to nominate an inspirational person for the chance for them to win an incredible photography package worth $1,895.  The nominees can be trainers, youths, amateurs, show parents, youth advisers, or anyone involved in the industry that they feel creates a positive impact on others.

When asked what made her create such a wonderful promotion, she told us, “The Novice Championships & Congress generate a lot of negativity that spreads like a viral internet wildfire. While some of the complaints are valid, I see too many that are mean-spirited. Condescending comments (and shares/likes) can paralyze those who genuinely love this sport and want to see it advance. The only way I know how to fight internet bullying is to replace it with positive thoughts and words.”

“I wanted a way to encourage and reinforce those in the industry who are shining lights. The response I’ve seen so far is overwhelming and incredibly genuine. There are a lot of great people in the equine industry, and I can’t wait to share some of these stories to give the spotlight to those who deserve it.”

October also happens to be National Bullying Prevention Month, and Jones feel one of the best ways to combat internet bullying (which can translate to offline) is to promote more positivity in our industry.  To recognize the people who are genuine lights in the horse world, nominations have a chance to win a Diamond Session with the talented photographer to take place to North Texas in early 2016. 

Those wishing to make a nomination should email their name and a paragraph on how this person expires them to

4 Responses to “Kirstie Marie Photography Encourages Fans to Nominate Their Inspirational Person”

  1. I nominate Sydney Scheckel because she is an inspiration to every young lady associated with the industry. Kind, caring, honest, hard working, supportive of her peers, and just a down to earth, fun, and loving girl. She deserves this in honor of her phenomenal career and in setting a perfect example, and a shining example to all! Please choose Syd so she can honor her dear Pip’s retirement in the style she deserves!

  2. I nominate Sydney schedule and pip.their story is truly inspiring and sydney is a shining example of a great time model to all girls and and inspiration to many adults including myself. There isn’t a team more deserving of all the success and good things that have came their way through the years.

  3. I nominate Sydney Scheckel because she is a very dedicated, caring and hard working young lady. She is an excellent role model for all young people, especially youth involved in the horse industry. Syd has a contagious personality filled with honesty, love and respect for her family and friends. Sydney’s relationship and accomplishments with Pip is inspirational and a true example of her caring and dedicated character.

  4. I nominate Sydney Scheckel. Sydney is a child with an old soul. She is kind, compassionate, loving, and hard working. She embodies all of the characteristics that you wish for your own child. She is a great example and ambassador for not only her sport but for all children. Thank you for considering Sydney.

    Miranda Jones, Southlake TX

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