Karing for Keeley Online Benefit Auction May 24 – May 27

May 23rd, 2012 9:53 PM | No Comments

In early April, 13-year-old Keeley Breslin, daughter of ApHC exhibitor Karen Breslin, sustained a traumatic brain injury, as a result of a golf cart accident, which left her family fearing she would never be able to speak, reason or walk again.  On that tragic day, Keeley’s future was looking very uncertain.

Since that time, Keeley has been making steady progress in her recovery, but she has a long, uphill battle ahead of her.  The Breslin family has been getting some wonderful support from the ApHC community, which has organized a special online auction on her behalf.  Family friend and fellow exhibitor, Nancy Magnussen, has helped to organize and promote the auction, which can be found on Facebook: Karing for Keeley Auction.

The following is a sampling of the items offered during the Karing For Keeley Online Auction, which begins Thursday May 24 and runs through Sunday May 27.

  • One month training ($800 value) – Heather Runyon
  • One month training ($800 value) – Beth Bass
  • One month training ($900 value) – Shane/Chad Christensen
  • One month training ($350 value, excludes $500 board) – Jeremy Price
  • One month training ($800 value) – Sandy/Jim Jirkovsky
  • One month training ($1,000 value) – Zac Schoolcraft
  • One month training ($600 value) – Dorinda Burks
  • One month training ($900 value) – Dale Sullens
  • One month training ($900 value) — Rusty Miller
  • One month training ($400 value, excludes $500 board) — Arturo Maestas
  • One month training ($450, excludes $450 board) — Lisa Ligon/Laura Hastie
  • One month of lessons, consists of eight lessons ($400 value) — Brittany Andrews
  • Discounted judging services (~$350 judge day fees goes to the fundraiser) — Terri Rakosky
  • Renaissance Man ($850 value, excludes shipping/chute fees) — Robin Williams
  • Artfully Designed stallion service (excludes shipping/chute fees) – David & Wendy Jo McCain
  • Hands Of A Hero stallion service ($1,000 value, excludes shipping/chute fees) – Patti Kangae
  • Undertack stallion service ($1,000 includes first shipment) – Tom & Lori Larsen
  • Secret Mr Bar Reed stallion service ($500 value, excludes shipping/chute fees) – Kim Rumpsa
  • RSecret Joe Medallion stallion service ($500 value, excludes shipping/chute fees) – Kim Rumpsa
  • Boogie Top stallion service ($500 value, excludes shipping/chute fees) – Stephanie Marcus
  • Love This Mr stallion service ($500 value, excludes shipping $150) — Valerie Showalter
  • Spot My Blue Bly stallion service ($1,000 value, excludes shipping/chute fees) — Rebecca Hogan
  • Wahl Chromado Clippers ($135 value) — Laurie Scott
  • Ad Design ($250 value) – Leier Designs
  • WrapItAgain Bracelet — Andrea Wallenbeck
  • Website design and 1 year hosting/maintenance fees ($565 value) – Jennifer Marcom
  • Custom designed quilt ($300 value) – Lisa Hauth
  • Custom picture frame or shadowbox ($250 value) – Scott Hauth
  • Custom artwork – Patti Bertram
  • Limited Edition Peter Stone model of Secret Mr Bar Reed – Kim Rumpsa
  • Signed books by E D Baker, Fairy Wings and Fairy Lies – Author, E D Baker
  • EQ Ready Records (up to $350 value) — Amanda Eckelberg
  • $500 Coach gift card – Lisa Blake
  • Ferrini boots ($250 value) – Megan Wagoner
  • Western show pad ($250 value) – Calizona Appaloosa Club
  • Ad or Flier Design ($200 value) — Marlena Robinson

Please log on to the auction and bid on some of the wonderful donated items and services.  The PleasureHorse.com community sends our prayers and best wishes for Keeley’s continued recovery!

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