Jay Starnes and Won Lopin RV Machine Win the Equine Sports Medicine Challenge

September 11th, 2011 4:15 PM | No Comments

In his third Reichert Championship, Jay Starnes piloted the sorrel gelding Won Lopin RV Machine in an arena filled with the sights and sounds of what makes the Reichert “The Reichert!”  Following an impressive kickoff including fireworks, longhorns who carried in the class Sponsors, and a stagecoach from which the judges emerged, the Western Pleasure competition began in front of hundreds of spectators in the Will Rogers Coliseum, and likely thousands of other horse enthusiasts live on the internet.  The Championship duo walked away with winnings of $100,000.  The gelding is owned by Ronnie and Vickie Kent.

In addition to the class itself, the evening included such highlights as a rodeo demonstration complete with bucking bronco and bull riding, auction items like a pair of English Springer Spaniel puppies who got to go home to a new family together and a brand spankin’ new horse trailer.  The now famous “Rock and Roll” fundraiser was held, where a single diamond ring is baked into a cinnamon roll.  Last night, one lucky winner ate his way to the “rock”, and made his wife very happy.  Another highlight was seeing trainer Bruce Walkuist come from a selected group of 20 people who were awarded keys, jump into the front seat of the prize Western Hauler truck, and start it up!

Filled with fanfare and intense judging, the evening was a fitting culmination of another successful Reichert Celebration!



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