Hurricane Matthew Forces Evacuations/Event Cancellations

October 6th, 2016 2:28 PM | No Comments

Hurricane Matthew EvacuationsMuch of the country is focused on the monster storm, Hurricane Matthew, as it pummeled the Caribbean and continues to head right to Florida and potentially coastal Carolina as currently a Category 4 hurricane.  For those living in the projected path, mandatory evacuations have been ordered which can put many with horses in a difficult situation of finding boarding facilities to safely house their horses.

Social media has helped generous people and show facilities spring into action and offer extra stalls and pasture space to those in need.  The Virginia Horse Center in Lexington, Virginia, the Bob Thomas Equestrian Center in Tampa, Florida, and the Southern Pines Ag Center in Dublin, Georgia are among some of the larger facilities with space available at the time of this posting.  Countless private individuals have offered up space in their own barns and pastures for those escaping the path of the storm.  A Facebook groups, Horse Evacuation Hurricane Matthew and East Coast Equine Evacuation and Assistance have been set up to help connect those in need with any availability.  

Please continue to check back for updates to this story as they come available.

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