Help the Future Leaders of our Industry

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Scholarship endowments help ensure the future of our industry.

Image courtesy of AQHA.

Image courtesy of AQHA.

Thanks to your generosity, the American Quarter Horse Foundation provides a variety of scholarships to help our youth achieve their dream of higher education. Your support is an investment in the future of our horses as these deserving students develop into industry leaders.

Each year the number of scholarship applications received by the Foundation far exceeds funds available for distribution, and the cost of higher education continues to rise. One of the most impactful ways to address this challenge is funding scholarship endowments. Gifts to an endowed scholarship are not spent; only the interest income is used to award scholarships. This means your gift keeps working for the future of our youth and horses!

Region 1 and 6 recognize the importance of developing youth through scholarships. These regions are working to build scholarship endowments for youth residing in their respective geographic areas. The endowments will be managed by the Foundation. 

Learn more today about these endowments and others.

Want to ensure the future of our industry has great leaders?

The Foundation scholarship program has given more than $6.3 million in financial assistance to more than 1,100 American Quarter Horse Youth Association members since it’s inception in 1976. Learn more.  

[Source: AQHA]

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