Harrell Wins Blair Folck Memorial Leading Consignor Award at the Congress Super Sale

November 3rd, 2011 5:34 PM | 1 Comment

Mark Harrell is the Leading Consignor at the 2011 Congress Super Sale. Harrell’s consignment sold eighteen of nineteen horses offered at the sale for a total of $140,300. Harrell last won the award in 2009. “Mark is one of the best agents in the Quarter Horse industry”, said Tim Jennings of Professional Auction Services, Inc. “He is very effective presenting his horses and he understands that the selling happens in the days prior to the sale.”

Harrell is proprietor of Mark Harrell Horse Shows, a leading producer of major show circuits. Learn more about Mark Harrell Horse Shows at markharrellhorseshows.com.

Harrell won a pair of Cayman Crocodile boots from Rod Patrick Boots. Bobby Smith of Rod Patrick boots presented the award at the Congress Super Sale booth in Congress Hall.

A legend in the boot business, Rod Patrick is known for the handcrafted quality that he puts in every pair of Rod Patrick boots. And, Rod Patrick knows quality, as he has been hands on in the business for over 40 years. Find a Rod Patrick dealer at rodpatrickboots.com.

The award is named in honor of Blair Folck, co-founder of the All-American Quarter Horse Congress and originator of the Congress Super Sale through the Folck Family’s National Equine Sales.

Professional Auction Services, Inc. has produced nearly 325 horse auctions in 33 years. For more information visit our website or call (800) 240-7900.

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  1. So happy for Mark. The picture of Mark Harrell and Bobby Smith, two of my favorite people ever.

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