Gear Up for the First-Ever APHA Zone Championships

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Originally published by APHA

June 05 / By Jessica Hein, Paint Horse Journal

APHA_thelogo03The first-ever APHA Regional Paint Horse Championships will take place this August in conjunction with the Zone 1 and Zone 7 Zone-O-Rama Paint Horse Shows. In addition to the regularly scheduled classes at each show will be a selection of Zone Championship events, sponsored by APHA. 

These regionally based championships are designed to attract,¬†recognize and reward talented exhibitors and Paint Horses from that particular region. The selected championship classes will be selected by the host zone to best reflect their area’s interest and they’ll feature limited eligibility for exhibitors to help attract new exhibitors to the event.

“These shows will target local exhibitors with little experience in APHA and, at the very least, provide great opportunities for the faithful,” Executive Director Billy Smith said. “As we develop and refine these shows, they can become the gravitational center of a system of shows that welcome a greater scope of Paint Horse enthusiasts.”

After learning about the concept at the 2014 APHA Convention, representatives from Zone 1 (Northwest) and Zone 7 (Northeast) volunteered to host and test the first zone championship events. Details are still being worked out between APHA and the zone representatives, but the events will take place: 

Northwest Paint Horse Championship, in conjunction with the Zone 1 ZOR
August 15-18, Albany, Oregon
Northeast Paint Horse Championship, in conjunction with the Zone 7 ZOR
August 8-10, Logan Township, New Jersey

Watch the APHA website for more details on these two exciting events coming soon.

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