Fix This Problem With a Spur Trained Horse

by Troy Green | February 1st, 2012 10:33 AM | No Comments

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Q. How do you fix this problem with a spur trained horse? When my daughter asks her mare to do that and puts her spurs on to the mare, she goes into stop mode.


A. Hi Anne,

The spur stop may be a bit overdone on your daughter’s horse. Try having her ride her for a while and stop with no leg, just hand or much less leg. Also have her rub and bump her legs on the horse at the walk, jog and lope if she’s able to get her a little more “dull.” You don’t want her hypersensitive to the leg. There is a lot of feel involved with any horse with a spur stop and some of it is just practice to find the right amount of leg at the right time to get lift and slow without an abrupt change. While experimenting with how much leg to use or trying to get her “stop mode” a little on the dull side it’s important to use your voice. Cluck or kiss to the horse so she knows she is supposed to keep going forward and the desired result is not to stop.

Good luck and keep at it!


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