Executive VP, Don Treadway Addresses: AQHA Database Upgrade, Incentive Fund Checks, “Leveling”

April 4th, 2013 10:47 AM | No Comments

AQHA, American Quarter Horse Journal

To AQHA Members:

As many of you know, AQHA contracted with one of the leading international IT companies to reprogram our database. The purpose of this initiative is to bring the Association’s technology infrastructure into the 21st century. Among the numerous benefits from this undertaking will be the ability to develop new programming for AQHA initiatives more efficiently and effectively. We will also migrate from “green screen” technology to the more recognizable and modern windows-based format, which will help employees better serve members with a faster and more contemporary computing system built specifically to service AQHA’s needs.

After many months of mapping and programming by our contracted IT company and subsequent testing by AQHA staff, the decision was made to go live with the working product on March 5. This decision was not without risk, but based on previous testing by AQHA employees, coupled with assurances from the IT company, AQHA began operating in the new system. The IT company we’re partnered with requested the “go live” decision be granted, which AQHA agreed to with a commitment from them for the timely repair of any outstanding (or newly discovered) issues related to performance (speed of the system) and stability (the ability for the system to provide accurate and dependable data).

Since this decision to go live on March 5, we have found the system is not performing up to either party’s level of expectation. Despite near 24/7 efforts by both parties, as of April 1, the new database is not at an acceptable level of performance or stability – it is simply not ready.

As a result, AQHA chose to temporarily revert back to the previous system while the new system undergoes additional programming and testing to bring it to the level of service the parties expected.

All AQHA office procedures should be 80 percent operational in the old system by April 12, with 100 percent shortly thereafter.

In the meantime:

  1. 2012 Incentive Fund checks will be mailed shortly. This untimely delay is a result of extensive programming to incorporate changes made to the Incentive Fund program for the 2012 show year. This programming has now been completed, is in final testing and should be cleared for service very soon. 
  2. For our competition department to “catch up” entering 2013 shows into the previous system, the Built Ford Tough AQHYA World Championship Show “national” qualifying deadline, previously set for April 30, has been extended to May 27. AQHYA youth advisers are being notified of this decision this week.
  3. No more shows will be approved for “leveling” until we accept and convert to the new database system. As programming for leveling is part of the new database system and thus not available for some time, the 25 leveled shows held since January 1 will be manually calculated with points awarded to participants, as time allows. Youth leveled classes will be a priority for this process so as to meet the May 27 deadline.
  4. Regular transfers and registrations will be processed in the order in which they were received, beginning with work received in February.
  5. Beginning April 15, AQHA’s online member services area will be available. Online records will be updated as show and race results are entered, just as they were prior to December 31, 2012.

The Executive Committee and I are well aware this has been a hardship on AQHA members. To say we are sorry is a tremendous understatement. AQHA prides itself on superior customer service and quality work and regrets the many inconveniences this initial conversion, and temporary reversion, has caused. These last two months of unacceptable service to you have not been without an enormous amount of discussion and work. As always, our promise remains steadfast – to return to the highest level of customer service.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Don Treadway, Jr.
AQHA Executive Vice President

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