Enter ApHC National & Youth World Classes ONLINE!

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Online entries will receive pre-entry deadline fees through May 19th.  You must have an active online account with the ApHC in order to use the National/World Show online entry system.

  • Log into your members only online account at www.appaloosa.com and select “My National/World Show Entries” then follow the prompts.
  • Any current member with an online account can enter and pay for any another member’s entries. You just need to enter in the correct information for the horses and riders. This allows trainers and others to enter horses and riders into the show.
  • Please have the horse’s registration numbers and the membership numbers of the exhibitors at hand prior to entering your information.
  • Purchase any required memberships, performance permits, or change of ownerships prior to entering your information.
  • The system will retain the information that you enter so you do not need to enter everything at one time. Just be sure to purchase your entries before the entry deadline.  Once the entry deadline has passed you will no longer be able to enter into a class online. To pay pre-entry prices, ONLINE entries must be processed on or before May 19, 2013. Entries processed after this date will be assessed post-entry fees.
  • Post entry fees will be applied to all entries that have not yet been purchased once the pre- entry deadline has passed.
  • The system will not enter you into a class or assign a back number to your horse until you have purchased the entries.
  • Upon purchasing your entries you will receive a detail receipt listing your Class Entries, Fees Paid, and Assigned Back Numbers.  Be sure to enter a valid email address when paying for your entries, otherwise you will not receive a receipt with this information.   
  • Please do not use your web browser’s BACK button to navigate to a previous webpage. Doing so will not allow the code behind the webpage to execute and can cause unexpected errors in web processing. Use the back buttons found on the web pages.
  • You do not have to enter into all of your classes at once. You can continue to enter into classes up to the online entry deadline.
  • In order to be eligible for the 10th free class in Youth or Non-Pro at the National Show (see the premium book) you must enter all 10 classes that apply at the same time.  Purchasing 5 classes at one time and 5 more at a later date will not allow you to be eligible for the 10th free class promotion.
  • If you wish to use more than one credit card to pay for your classes you may enter into a few classes, pay for those classes, then enter into more classes and pay for the additional classes on a separate credit card.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: After you have entered your credit card information and clicked on the purchase button, please be patient and give the system time to process your payment and the work that you have entered.  If you click your web browser’s back button then click the purchase button again your credit card could be charged twice.

  • This online entry system is a Beta version and may be taken offline if upgrades are required to accommodate the needs of our members.
  • Do not wait until the last minute to purchase your entries!
  • We hope to have the ability to purchase stalls online in place by the 2013 World Show.


Paper Pre-Entry Deadline:  Tuesday,  May 14, 2013 
Online Pre-Entry Deadline:  Sunday, May 19, 2013         
Stall Reservation Deadline:  Tuesday, May 21, 2013


National and World Youth Show HOT LINKS!

Appaloosa Cutting Horse Association Class Entry Form
AYA / AjPHA Classes Entry Form
NSBA Dual Approved Class Entry Form
Non-Pro Class Entry Form
Open Entry Class Form
Youth Class Entry Form
Kathy’s Show Equipment Sweepstakes Entry Form
Challenged Riders Leadline Entry Form
Stall Reservation Form
RV Reservation Form
Premium Book
Bedding Pre-Order Form


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