English Attire – Hunter Under Saddle vs Equitation

by Tammy Schuster | March 19th, 2012 9:32 AM | 2 Comments

by Tammy Schuster

Over the past two years, we have seen many trends regarding English show shirts. Tradition has always been the acceptable way to go in the quarter horse show ring and it’s really a matter of personal preference as to how traditional or non-traditional you would like to be in an HUS class.  Many professionals, youth and amateurs are kicking it up a notch and wearing fun, colorful prints and chokers under their hunt coats.  We are seeing custom shirts made in wonderful paisleys, stripes and prints of many types. These shirts give that extra “pop” under the hunt coats and certainly dress up the look.

A fun alternative for an HUS shirt

Boring is certainly still not an option.  This year at the Congress, several of your Top 10s in many different HUS classes, futurities and maturities were sporting the new looks and loving them. However, in the equitation and over fences classes, the appropriate look still includes pale, plain colors and traditional collars, and, of course, white shirts are so smart for the equitation classes.  The most popular hunt coats are still dark shades of navy, black, grey and chocolates. A very smart, clean look is still always the way to go in the show ring.  You will never go wrong with tradition but adding a great shirt is a really nice opportunity to change it up.

All our best this month at your upcoming shows and remember, that first look from the judge as you enter the ring is the most important and leaves a lasting impression, so catch that judge’s eye the first time!




Black shirt with a great collar

Classy print shirt

Great for a blue hunt coat

Traditional shirt appropriate for equitation or over fences

Your traditional white equitation shirt is always the right choice

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Tammy Schuster is an amateur AQHA rider often seen in amateur Hunter Under Saddle classes as well as non-pro and open. Tammy owns All That Show Clothing, a well known mobile boutique which travels to all the major shows – AQHA as well as other breeds. “All That” is known for its trendsetting styles and fashion in and out of the show pen. Tammy has shown AQHA since age six, winning the Youth World in Hunter Under Saddle in 1982 at age 15. Tammy’s daughter, Cydney Benes, also shows and works alongside her mom. Cydney shows in All Around Western events with her horse “Rockin Raisinette” as well as “Call Me Blazin Hot” in English events. Most recently winning the Congress in 13 and Under HUS on Tammy’s horse.

Tammy is known for her one-of-a-kind, tasteful show clothes and designs as well as practical pricing on both casual and show clothing. Now is your chance to have your questions answered by Tammy! Just submit your question using the comment section below or the email link, and she will respond to select questions in future posts.

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  1. My question is what brand breeches is good for my body type. I wear size 13 short in a Cruel Girl relax fit jeans. Want to know what brands, mid rise, low rise, to order and try on. Going to show in Hunter Under Saddle next year. Where to buy those show shirts with color/patterns. Do not want to have the boring white, blue or pink shirt.

  2. What brand of breeches is good for my body type. I wear size 13 short in Cruel Girl Relaxed jeans. I’m 5 ft 1″. Low rise, mid rise?Where to buy those show shirts with color/patterns. Do not want to have the boring white, blue or pink shirt.

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