Cowboy Dressage Announce West Coast Cowboy Dressage Clinic in Auburn, CA

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Cowboy Dressage Mission and Vision Statement

  • Soft Feel (or Fresh Rein) is the guiding principle of Cowboy Dressage.  It is a wordless, intimate communication within the partnership between horse and rider.  Soft feel is not only sending messages but having the sensitivity and awareness to feel the message the horse sends back.
  • The timing and use of the Release, Relaxation, Preparation and Execution are the basic fundamentals of Soft Feel.
  • Since Soft Feel is the mission of Cowboy Dressage it will be scored with emphases on lightness, harmony, finesse and partnership as a priority. Balance, cadence, carriage, control, and performance are additional areas the horse and rider will be judged and scored.

Eitan Beth-Halachmy, Dr. Robert Miller, Garn Walker, Lyn Ringrose Moe, Susan Tomasini and Dianne Olds Rossi will be offering their knowledge and expertise in the art and horsemanship of Cowboy Dressage July 5-7, 2013 at Center Stage Equestrian Center in Auburn, CA.


Cowboy Dressage, the original Western Dressage discipline is committed to better western horsemanship. Dressage is the foundation from which all good horsemanship builds from. Western is no exception. From this basic dressage foundation Cowboy Dressage offers a level of tests and competition with just enough dressage to improve the horse and rider but maintain its core as a devoted western discipline. It borrows from dressage but keeps it western pure and uncomplicated.

On Friday July 5th the Cowboy Dressage Clinic will offer a Judge’s Orientation. This day is for anyone who is considering judging this division. It also welcomes those who may not wish to judge but want a more in depth education in the teaching and training of Cowboy Dressage. This is a classroom day with videos and lectures on the court and the gaits of the Cowboy Dressage horse. How the tests are scored and judged will also be covered. The code of Cowboy Dressage and the future it has in the horse industry will be talked about. There will be a question and answer period and interaction between auditors and teachers are encouraged.


Even if Cowboy Dressage is not your goal the horsemanship taught here will be beneficial to all disciplines and to all horsemen and horsewomen. Everyone will take home something learned from these three days. It promises to be an inspiring three days.

Day two, July 6th will be a full day of demo riders who will ride each test with help from the clinicians. Each rider will get critiqued from Eitan, Garn and Lyn with positive input for better rides and scores. They will work on creating more lightness and building a better partnership between horse and rider. Auditor will be able to learn and take in information as each test is ridden and discussed.

Day three, July 7th will offer an opportunity for those that wish to actually ride the tests. Each rider will be allowed 20 minutes to ride a test of their choice. Cowboy Dressage will provide a caller for the riders.  Upon completion of each test the rider will get comments from Eitan, Garn and Lyn. The rider then can re-ride the same test for additional comments and instruction. This has proved to be a very popular format. It gives the rider personal instruction and the auditors much to observe and learn as well. Riders can sign up for more than one ride or test. Slots will be limited.

Cowboy Dressage is honored to have Dr. Robert Miller as part of their weekend. Dr. Miller will do lectures and video presentations on Sat and Sun mornings. He will share with us his wit, wisdom, humor and a wealth of knowledge that has made him one of the most recognized equine educators in the world.

Dianne Olds Rossi will be doing a freestyle mini clinic in the evenings after dinner over the weekend. Dianne is a legend and one of the great horsewomen in the US. She is a master of the Freestyle and will inspire those that wish to participate in the more “artsy” side of Cowboy Dressage.

Video clips from the video presentations during the Judge’s Orientation can be found on the Cowboy Dressage YouTube channel: There are nine of them showing short segments on gaits and court to name just a few.

For more information on the West Coast Cowboy Dressage Weekend, how to register and the price packages you can contact Sarah Dickinson at:,,; 530-867-0180

Visit us on Facebook under Cowboy Dressage. Lots of information, videos and pictures on this Facebook page. You can also visit our home website at

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