Congress Super Sale Special: Macs Good N Plenty and Ty For Sale

October 19th, 2013 7:00 AM | No Comments
Macs Good N Plenty

Macs Good N Plenty

Tomorrow is the much anticipated Congress Super Sale, a horse sale featuring quality yearlings, show horses, broodmares, and breeding stallions. Run by Mike Jennings of Professional Horse Services, LLC, the sale features the great bloodlines that are gracing the pleasure world today, such as RL Best Of Sudden, Invitation Only, Zippos Mr Good Bar, Lazy Loper, Macs Good N Plenty, One Hot Krymsun, A Good Machine, Batt Man, Certain Potential, Coats N Tails, Don’t Skip Zip, Extremely Hot Chips, Getting Impulsive, Gota Lota Potential, HH Red Rock, Ima Zippo Good Bar, Iron Age, Man With The Moves, NI Fabulous, Potential Career, Protect Your Assets, The Krymsun Kruzer, The Only Escape, Vitalyzed, Winnies Willy and Zippos Sheik.

Also to sell are the Brandriet’s breeding stallions Macs Good N Plenty and Ty. Both stallions are proven producers, with “Mac” being one of the top leading sires.

Originally printed in October issue of Show Horse today

Often in the horse world, we are forced to make, sometimes difficult, decisions. Brian and Kim Brandriet of Conifer Quarter Horses would like to announce that their two outstanding breeding stallions, Macs Good N Plenty and Ty will be offered for sale at the Congress Super Sale on October 20, 2013 in Columbus, Ohio. Gordon and Debbie Wadds from Michigan will be assisting the family with the sale.

Ty will also be for sale in the Super Sale

Ty will also be for sale in the Super Sale

The Brandriets would like to thank everyone who has supported their wonderful stallions throughout the years, through breeding, raising, purchasing, training, judging and showing offspring sired by their boys.  ”We have cherished our opportunity to own one of the Top Leading Sires in the Western Pleasure industry for over 13 years, and with that pleasure we have made many, many friends and have a lot of fond memories,” the pair reminisces. “This will be a very emotional time for us as Mac and Ty are super sweet horses and they are both so easy to fall in love with.”

Mike and Stephanie Jennings own Professional Horse Services, LLC, and are sale managers for the OQHA Congress Super Sale, presented by Kaplow Insurance. ”Being able to buy a horse like Macs Good N Plenty is a great opportunity for a program that wants to consistently produce high quality Pleasure horses,” explains Mike, of selling the stallions at Congress. “This horse has a lot of name recognition and respect in the industry.  It takes a long time and tremendous expense to develop a stallion to this level as a sire and only a few make it.  Breeders immediately gain the confidence of customers when they add a Leading Sire to their program.”

To read the rest of the article, including information about the boys, click here!

For more information about the Super Sale, including a sale catalog, please click here.  Preview of the sale is tonight, the 19th., will be at the sale tomorrow bringing the latest sale info.

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