Congress Makeup Bag Must-Haves

October 20th, 2016 11:27 AM | No Comments
Congress Makeup Bag Must-haves

[photo credit: Bree Hokana Photography]

For shows like the Quarter Horse Congress, it can require extensive planning and packing.  Not only do you have your show attire and gear, but you also have to plan for living away from home for usually over a week.  That can be quite a bit of luggage to lug around!  Many of us are guilty (including myself) of packing anything and everything I could possibly need.  Not only does get heavy to tote around, but it also makes things harder to find, especially when we’re already stressed out, sleep-deprived, and in a hurry to make it to a class.  

One area that can be easily pared-down is our makeup bags.  But what to keep and what to leave behind?  We chatted with makeup guru and show ring veteran, Darcy Reeve of Darcy Reeve Makeup Artistry to find out which five products are makeup bag must-haves.

  1. A great moisturizer- First and foremost, EVERYBODY needs a good moisturizer. There are a ton on the market in every price range and for every skin type. It’s the foundation for a flawless makeup look, and keeps your skin from getting dry in the cold air.
  2. A dark or bright lipstick- If you don’t wear any other makeup product to show in, use a lipstick because it gives the biggest impact. It finishes off any look and allows for a pop of color on the face. Plus, it can be used as a blush in a pinch.
  3. Mascara- It opens up the eyes, adds a little drama to the eyes. It also makes you look more awake, which lets face it, you need at the congress.
  4. Eyeliner- I might be cheating here, but if you have a black and a white eyeliner, you can achieve the perfect dramatically awake eye. Lining the eye with black and smudging it out allows for that smoky drama, and a white eyeliner can be applied in the water line and in the inner corner as well as under the eye brow. All three techniques add definition and a freshness to the eye.
  5. A cool brown eye shadow- A cool brown eye shadow is probably the most versatile product you can buy. It can be used in the crease of your eye or to smudge on the lower lash line for an extra pop of drama, it can be used to fill in your eyebrows, and contour your cheek bones or nose. It can also be lightly dusted under your bottom lip to make your lips look bigger.

Congress Makeup Bag Must-havesA few basics can go a long way, especially when they can be used as multi-taskers.  Sephora, Ulta, and the makeup counter at your local department store, are good places to start equipping your makeup stash, and the drugstore also has some good finds.  Also, be sure to follow Darcy on Facebook for updates and see where she’ll be at a major show near you.

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