Congratulations to New AjPHA Representatives

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Press Release

Image courtesy of Paint Horse Journal

Image courtesy of Paint Horse Journal

The votes are in—after the AjPHA National Convention at the 2014 AjPHA Youth World Championship Show, AjPHA national directors were invited to vote for Youth to represent the association.

For 2014–2015, the following Youth will the lead AjPHA:

President: Meredith Milton, Aledo, Texas
Sydney Schmidt, Lowman, New York
Vice President: 
Mackenzie Chapman, Bellevue, Michigan
Anna Tucker, Dubberly, Louisiana
 Carlee Purcell,  Bellville, Texas

Zone Representatives:

  • Zone 1: Blayne Bell, Shelton, Washington
  • Zone 5:  Nicole St. Clair, Union, Missouri                   
  • Zone 4:  Sabine Lazo, Caldwell, Texas
  • Zone 6:  Callie Foster, Calhoun, Louisiana
  • Zone 7:  Anna Lia Sullivan, South Hampton, New Jersey

Notice a few zones missing representatives? AjPHA offers some great ways for young Paint Horse enthusiasts to make a difference in the association, gain leadership experience and learn more about how to communicate with local and national APHA members.

To learn more about becoming a regional, national or executive committee representative, visit the AjPHA website or email Director of Youth and Amateur Activities Shelly de Barbanson.  For more information on APHA, visit


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