Thank You for Kind Words on our New Classifieds!

August 19th, 2011 6:17 PM | 1 Comment

Thank you to all who have said so many nice things about our new Classifieds site. The site has already had over 40,000 views on, not including the forum, and we’re making it better every day. Here are a few of the kind words we’ve been getting -

“The new classifieds are so easy to browse through and to locate what I am interested in. Finally, someone “gets” it and understands that I needed it to be easy to navigate and easy to use. I love, love, love the new classifieds and can only say, that you have done a GREAT job!” – Todd

“Keep up the great work. I have had more views on this posting than I have had on my other classified ad, so we are very pleased.” – Barb

“Worked perfectly and was easy to use! Having recently used one of the two other major classifieds sites , I can attest that it took a lot less time to post my PH ads!” – Rachel

“Thank you. Love the site!” – Liz

Thanks again everyone, and please keep your suggestions and feedback coming.


One Response to “Thank You for Kind Words on our New Classifieds!”

  1. I love your new classifieds too. So easy to get your horse on the site quickly.

    Thank you.
    Robin Ray

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