Carol Harris Donates All Memorabilia to Park

August 18th, 2015 9:50 AM | No Comments


[photo credit: Alan Youngblood via Ocala Star-Banner]

[photo credit: Alan Youngblood via Ocala Star-Banner]

Ocala-bred Rugged Lark is possibly the most successful and recognized quarter horse in history.

On Thursday, Carol Harris offered all of “Lark’s” memorabilia, including a bigger than life-sized bronze statue of the horse, is headed for the Florida Agriculture Center and Horse Park.

The park’s board of directors was taken by surprise by the offer, which was titled only as “Brief Rugged Lark Presentation” on the board meeting’s agenda.

Some on the board weren’t sure what the offer entailed. Did the offer include the large bronze statue and the hundreds of pieces of memorabilia and trophies? What about licensing rights to the horses image and name?

According to Carol Harris, it’s all included.

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