Bret Parrish Receives Living The Mission Award

November 2nd, 2011 5:29 PM | No Comments

During the Equine Chronicle Masters 2YO Western Pleasure class held Friday, October 28 at the All American Quarter Horse Congress, the Southern Belle Invitation presented its “Living The Mission Award” – to Bret Parrish.  The award, given for the past two years, is presented to recognize a trainer who makes significant contributions to the equine community through their participation in local, state and national equine organizations, seeks to mentor and be a role model to young trainers and/or youth, is dedicated to sharing their love for the horse and considers the welfare of the horse first and foremost in their pursuit of success in the equine industry.  Connie Hill of The Southern Belle Futurity, describes the award recipient, “This is a trainer award that recognizes those individuals who not only ‘talk the talk,’ but walk it as well.  They would be involved in not only equine activities, but they recognize the responsibility entrusted to them in care of the horse.  They are an example to both upcoming trainers and youth, as well as being active in community activities, thereby networking the equine industry and the equine trainer to the general public.”

Bret is an accomplish trainer and, together with his wife, owns and operates Bret and Candy Parrish Quarter Horses.  Bret is an active board member of the NSBA and dedicates numerous hours to his local equine therapeutic riding program.  He and Candy, and their sons, are active in their church as well.  Brett has served as a role model to a number of younger trainers who have gone on to build successful careers.  Bret Parrish was nominated by his peers as the recipient of this award.  The Southern Belle proudly recognizes Bret Parrish with this prestigous award and applauds his example and contributions.

The team at sends our congratulations, Bret! Well done!

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